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Fashion Infographic Templates

Do you have a deep love for all things clothing? Showcase your favorite facts and statistics from the industry with one of Visme’s fashion infographic templates below. Fully customize it with your information, colors and fonts.

Choose a fashion infographic template below to get started.

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Fashion Infographic Templates by Visme

Whether you’re using data visualization to show off various fashion industry data or you’re using an anatomical display of how to dress in any season, you need a fashion infographic template to start putting your ideas on paper.

Choose from any of Visme’s completely customizable fashion infographic templates and edit it to add your text, numbers, colors, photos and more. Search through Visme’s selection of stock photos and vector icons, find your favorite fonts and color schemes and choose the best chart to represent your information.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, get ready to share it with your audience. You can download as a JPEG or PNG image file, embed an interactive version right on your website or create a public or private link directly to your fashion infographic.