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Make professional line graphs in minutes.

Easy-to-use animated line graph maker. Sync to live data. Customize colors, fonts, backgrounds and labels.

Create Your Line Graph it's free and super easy.
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A powerful yet intuitive line graph maker

The Visme line graph maker allows you to make beautifully animated and static charts in a few minutes. You can import your own information from an Excel or Google sheet or sync to live data.

In the settings tab, you can customize the titles, fonts, axis titles, style, legend, stack properties and animation. Download as a static image, PDF or animated HTML5 file.

line chart customization options visme

Customize your graph according to your needs.

Adjust the colors of the progression lines, the background, the axis lines, and values. Use your brand colors or the color palette of your project for a perfect match.

Decide on the position of the legend, the angle of the value tabs, the data hover, and an animation style. You can even upload background images and apply color overlays to your final graph.

line chart maker visme

Quick Tips: How to Use the Visme Line Graph Maker

  • Before making your line graph with the line graph generator, have all the data ready. Sketch out the best time progression for your graph.
  • Insert the data manually or import from an Excel sheet. You can also import live data from a Google spreadsheet.
  • Choose the value settings to best match your data. There are options for percentages and monetary symbols.
  • Customize the fonts, background, and the colors of the lines according to your brand style guide.
  • If it’s not a branded line graph, use a color palette that matches the rest of your project.
  • Decide on the position of the legend and the angle of the values.
  • Using the settings tab in the line graph generator, choose the style of the lines; angled, smooth or stepped.
  • If you are creating an interactive design, use the animation settings to bring your line graph to life. There are numerous animated options to choose from.
  • When using more than one line graph, it’s better to use the same style throughout. That way your project will have a unified look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply go to your address bar and type in to create a free account with just your name and email.

How much does it cost to use the line graph maker?

Creating a line graph with Visme is free. It is also free to insert it into any design. If you would like to include an animated line graph into an interactive design, you can upgrade to a Standard plan. This way you can download it in a .html file.

Are all the fonts and colors available in the line graph maker settings?

Yes. All the fonts in the Visme editor are available inside the Graph Engine. So are all the colors from your Brand Kit.

Can you animate a line graph with the line graph generator?

Yes, all the graphs created with the Visme Graph Engine are automatically animated. If your design is not interactive, then the animation will not work. On the other hand, it will be animated in all kinds of interactive designs.

How much data can I insert into a line graph?

The line graphs can have as much as 40 units of data on the x-axis and 50 on the y-axis. You don’t need to add all data by hand. You can import it with the help of a CSV or Excel sheet.

Can I create a line graph with live data?

Yes. You can easily make a graph with live data using the line graph maker. You can import a google spreadsheet that has been previously published to the web.

How to Use the Line Graph Maker in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Log in to the Visme editor and choose any project template. Click on the graph maker icon on the left-hand panel. This will open the Visme Graph Engine. Choose the line graph maker from the options on the left.

Step 2

Fill in your data or import it from an Excel or Google sheet. Use the line graph generator to customize every aspect of your line graph, from colors to style.

Step 3

Insert the finished line graph into your project. If you are creating an interactive design, the line graph maker will automatically animate your graph. Easily share on social media or download as an image, PDF or animated HTML5.


Use the line graph maker to visualize the progression of data over time.

Input your data manually or import from an Excel or Google sheet. Any changes in your sheet values will be automatically reflected in the graph. Customize the fonts of the titles, values and legends. Decide if the lines should be angled, curved or stepped.


Publish and share your line graphs.

The Visme line graph maker allows you to add professional line graphs to your infographics, presentations, or any design. With one click, easily share your line graph on social media. Download an animated line graph as an .html file or a ready-to-print PDF.

customer activity line graph visme
beverage consumption line graph visme
measurement challenges line gaph visme
sales by store line graph visme

Visme gives you several options to visualize data in one place

chart maker types of charts visme
data widgets icon

Charts and Graphs

Choose from 16+ types
  • Create all types of charts and graphs, including bar, pie, line, pyramid, scatter and radar charts
  • Choose from 2D and 3D formats to display your chart
  • All charts are automatically animated, although you can choose to make them static
data widgets visme

30+ Data Widgets

Visualize stats and figures
  • Use our one-of-a-kind, drag-and-drop data widgets to emphasize key stats and numbers
  • Insert your own data with one click using the slider or manually input the value
  • Modify the colors to fit your content or brand scheme

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Making your line graph is free and easy

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