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Training Manuals Templates

Visme’s professional training manual templates are great for all kinds of businesses who want to onboard or train new employees, and provide clear instructions and objectives. Customize these training manual templates and apply your brand colors, fonts and logo to personalize them. Visualize numbers with exclusive data widgets and charts, and bring your information to life.

Training Manuals Templates
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Training Manuals Templates by Visme

Training manuals don’t need to be boring, bulky books that are a chore to read. Onboard new employees quickly and easily, and train them effectively with a modern, interactive training manual using one of Visme’s training manual templates.

A training manual can not only help your employees learn how to do their jobs better, but can also familiarize them with your brand’s culture and encourage teamwork and collaboration. With Visme’s training manual templates, you can make learning about your organization, its core values, and the tasks expected of employees fun and easy.

Customize these training manual templates with your own brand colors and fonts, tap into a free library of stock photos, audio clips and videos, add interactivity with links and hover effects, and even animate different objects in your training manual. Download your training manual as a high-quality PDF for printing, or share it online with your employees using a live link. You can also embed it on your website, such as an employee portal.