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Create Your Employee Handbook It’s free and easy to use.

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Help employees feel
at home with an employee handbook

  • – Fully customizable employee handbook creator.
  • Customize the slides to easily match your brand style.
  • – Use data widgets and flowcharts to visualize information.
Create Your Employee Handbook It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make an Employee Handbook in 5 Steps

Having an employee handbook makes it easier for your team to step into company culture. Show processes with flowcharts, visualize the inner workings of your company with data widgets and interactive features.

  • Click on the blue create button on this page to start creating your employee handbook.
  • Access the templates in your Visme dashboard and select your favorite.
  • Input your company’s information in the placeholder areas.
  • Update charts and data widgets to visualize your company systems.
  • Use animated characters and special effects to visualize your company culture.

Use our comprehensive employee handbook template to get started quickly.

The employee handbook creator from Visme has all the elements you need to design an informative and inviting employee handbook for new and existing employees. It’s easy to insert your own company’s information in the slides while maintaining a brand style. Simply change the colors and fonts to make it match all company assets.

Table of Contents
Mission Statement
Company Values
Company History
Office Locations
Work Schedule
Leave Policy
Performance Assessment
Compensation & Benefits
Code of Conduct
Company Policies
Thank You
Use this template It’s free and easy to use.

Powerful Presentation Features That Help You Shine

Visme’s employee handbook template was designed especially for non-designers. You can create a compelling and visually rich employee handbook without design skills.

Professional employee handbook templates

Explain your company processes and policies with a professional employee handbook presentation template. Visme’s employee handbook creator allows you to fully customize your presentation to fit your company. Select the main elements and adjust them as you need.

Create Your Employee Handbook

Visualize your company culture with animated characters

Choose from our selection of animated characters and icons to enrich the information in your employee handbook. Visualize your company culture by customizing the characters in different poses alongside the text boxes and data visualizations.

Personalize every aspect of the employee handbook with your Brand Kit

Make sure your employee handbook matches all your visual company assets by using brand fonts, colors and imagery from your Visme Brand Kit. Team accounts let companies create visual content in-house, making sure everyone is on the same page and all new and existing employees feel welcome and part of the family.

Share Your Employee Handbook

Once your employee handbook is ready, it’s time to show it to your new and existing employees. Print a copy to put it in a binder or share an interactive animated version with a link. Include a printed copy in an employee onboarding pack or send it to them in an email.


What is an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is a printed or digital presentation that visualizes important company information for new and existing employees. The employee handbook explains important processes while also welcoming workers into the company culture.

Why do I need an employee handbook?

With an informative and attractive employee handbook you can support your team with important information regarding processes and company culture without having to explain it many times. An employee handbook should be available to the team at all times.

Create Your Employee Handbook

Questions About the Employee Handbook Creator

  • How much does it cost to create an employee handbook with the employee handbook template? It’s 100% free to create an employee handbook with Visme. You can download as a PDF to print or share online as a link to maintain interactivity and animations.
  • What types of data visualizations are available in Visme? Visme has 40+ charts and diagrams available, plus numerous data widgets, a flowchart maker, map creator and more. Use a combination of these to visualize processes and timelines.
  • Can I use my Brand Kit to create my employee handbook with Visme? Of course! Your brand kit can be used to personalize every aspect of your employee handbook. To create a company brand kit, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Are there characters I can use to visualize company culture? Yes! The Visme animated graphics bar has a large collection of animated characters which are all fully customizable for color, pose and animation.
  • Can I use any image in the photo library for my employee handbook? Sure! All the photos in the library are available for both personal and commercial use. Simply use the search bar to find the perfect image for your project.

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