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How To Infographic Templates

Dare to be different by using a how to infographic template to showcase your next tutorial or step-by-step. Instead of creating this in blog post or video form, put a unique spin on the how to post by formatting each of your steps in one of the below infographic templates.

How To Infographic Templates

Choose a how to infographic template below to get started.

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How To Infographic Templates by Visme

A how to infographic template gives you a great starting point for creating a unique step-by-step or tutorial for your audience. Showcase what each step in your process is through a longform infographic that is easily shareable online.

Choose one of Visme’s fully customizable how to infographic templates to get started, then adjust the colors, fonts and content to match your topic. Add in each of your steps and take advantage of the data visualization tools so you can showcase even more information.

Browse through Visme’s library of millions of stock photos and over 10,000 vector icons to find even more ways to demonstrate each of the steps within your infographic. You want to make the process as easy as possible for your audience to follow, so keep that in mind throughout your design.

Once you’ve completed each of the steps involved in your how to, you’re ready to share! Download your infographic as an image or PDF file, embed it on a webpage or generate a shareable link to send directly to your audience. Get started with our infographic maker!