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Statistical Infographic Templates

Put a unique spin on your next data visualization by pulling multiple charts, graphs and data widgets together. Take advantage of Visme's data visualization options to create an infographic that showcases multiple statistics at once. Browse through our selection of statistical infographic templates to gather inspiration for how best to put yours together.

Statistical Infographic Templates

Choose a statistical infographic template below to get started.

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Statistical Infographic Templates by Visme

Create a stunning and easy-to-understand statistical infographic by getting started with one of Visme’s fully customizable templates.

Add in your company colors and fonts to your Visme Brand Kit so you can easily brand and customize your statistical infographic template to make it your own. Add icons, stock photos and charts into your report to visualize your information so that it’s easily digestible and your audience can understand the full scope of your report.

You can increase the size of your infographic by adding content blocks with preset charts, text designs and more. Customize your statistical infographic template and make it your own before getting ready to download and share with your audience, whether it’s your boss, your team or your customers.

You can download your statistical infographic in one of five different formats, grab an embed code to place an interactive version right on your website or generate a private shareable link to give to only those who need to access your information. Get started with our infographic tool today!