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Free Professional Timeline Infographic Templates

Access a vast library of free timeline templates for any business use case and for any size including Infographics Presentations, and Reports. Need to visualize a series of events or the timeline of a project? With Visme's beautiful timeline templates, you can easily create professional and easy-to-follow visualizations of chronological events or the phases of a project. Simply choose any of the timeline templates below and customize with your own text and modify the colors, fonts and icons to fit your needs.

Free Professional Timeline Infographic Templates
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Professional Timeline Templates by Visme

Visme’s timeline templates allow anyone to create captivating and informative timelines in minutes. Choose from horizontal or vertical timelines and customize with your own information. Choose from millions of free images and icons. You can also crop images, apply color overlays and filters to your images and adjust the color schemes of icons to fit your content or brand colors.

You can even animate elements in your timeline and share via a unique URL, or download as a PDF file or high-resolution image for offline use. Make your timeline interactive by inserting pop-ups, rollovers, interactive buttons and embed any third-party content such as polls, maps, surveys or quizzes. Visme’s timeline templates allow anyone to easily visualize dense and boring information in minutes to take your communication to the next level. Get started with our timeline maker today.