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Hierarchy Infographic Templates

Hierarchy infographic templates are the perfect way to showcase the order of importance of something, demonstrate a funnel-like system or display the order in which a process is supposed to take. Find the perfect hierarchy infographic template from the choices below.

Hierarchy Infographic Templates

Choose a hierarchy infographic template below to get started.

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Hierarchy Infographic Templates by Visme

A hierarchy infographic template helps to visualize content that goes from smallest to biggest or most important to least important and vice versa. Hierarchy infographic templates can also showcase time intervals and tasks that need to be done yearly, monthly and weekly.

However you want to showcase hierarchy is up to you, but you can easily do so with one of Visme’s fully customizable hierarchy infographic templates. Update fonts and colors to match your brand, browse free stock photos and vector icons and add hierarchical flow charts to demonstrate your topic.

Once you’ve completed your infographic design, download it in a PNG, JPEG or PDF or share online, embed it in a blog post or webpage or generate a shareable link to send an interactive version to your audience. Get started today with our infographic maker!