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Employee Handbook Templates

Help your employees familiarize themselves with your company’s culture, policies and code of conduct with Visme’s professional employee handbook templates. Our employee handbook templates are inspired from real-life handbooks published by top brands. Customize your favorite one with your own brand style, and download, embed or share instantly.

Employee Handbook Templates
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Employee Handbook Templates by Visme

Make your onboarding documents fun to read and help new employees integrate easily into your company culture with Visme’s employee handbook templates. Bring your handbooks to life by transforming boring, dry documents into interactive online experiences.

Visme’s employee handbook templates are inspired from real-life brands like PeopleHR and HubSpot. Each employee handbook template is fully designed with original content that you can tweak, replace completely or use as is. With multiple pages and unique design layouts, the creative possibilities are endless. Change colors and fonts, add or remove premade content blocks, apply your branding with one click and more.

Drag and drop images, icons, illustrations and more from the built-in graphics library, or upload your own photos and graphics. You can also take things to the next level and embed audio, videos, quizzes, forms, animated GIFs and more to make your employee handbook interactive. Share your documents online using a link, embed them on your website or employee portal, or download them in PDF or HTML5 format for offline use.