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Magazine Templates

Make your publications stand out from the rest with Visme’s stunning magazine templates. Each magazine is fully customizable and designed by professionals. Take advantage of clean and creative editorial layouts to captivate your audience, and customize your magazine design and content using a friendly, drag-and-drop interface that works in your browser.

Magazine Templates

Choose a magazine template below to get started.

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Magazine Templates by Visme

Create stunning editorial designs that readers can’t look away from using Visme’s magazine templates. Find magazine templates for food, beauty, business, marketing and other industries, and customize them with your own content, colors, fonts and branding. No need to download any complex software — you can create multi-page magazines easily in your browser.

Transform your magazines into engaging, online experiences by using Visme’s interactive magazine templates. Add motion graphics, GIFs, animated illustrations, special effects, links, hover effects, videos, quizzes, forms and more to bring your magazines to life.

Unlike traditional documents, Visme’s magazine templates can be published and shared online instantly. If you want to download your magazines for offline use or printing, you can do that too. You can also embed your magazines on a website, such as a membership portal, with a snippet of code.