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Performance Review Templates

Use our professional performance review templates to motivate your employees, give them valuable feedback and help your business achieve its goals. Create performance reviews that are engaging and encouraging for your employees so they can understand the feedback visually, and improve their skills and work habits.

Performance Review Templates
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Performance Review Templates by Visme

Employee evaluation forms and performance reviews don’t need to be boring and scary. Make your employees enjoy the feedback you give them with these engaging performance review templates. These templates are a must-have for managers and HR teams, and are perfect for modern companies who believe that happy and motivated employees deliver the best results.

Customize these performance review templates as much as you like in Visme’s drag-and-drop editor. Change colors and fonts, create text boxes and tables, add data widgets like radials and progress bars to visualize numbers and feedback, and much more.

You can also add animation and interactivity to your employee performance reviews if you’re sharing them online. Add, remove and duplicate pages, and even upload your brand logo, fonts and colors to further personalize your performance review template. Download the template as a PDF or image file when you’re done, or share it online with a link or embed code. Get started with our professional document maker today.