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PERT Chart Infographic Templates

Create professional PERT charts to visualize projects, tasks, schedules and timelines, map out what-if scenarios and communicate project responsibilities. Customize these PERT chart templates by altering line types and angles, changing shapes and colors, and editing the text to fit your own data visualization needs.

Choose a PERT chart template below to get started.

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PERT Chart Infographic Templates by Visme

A PERT chart is a graphical representation of data acquired using the PERT method. It’s used to simplify and explain complex projects, explore hypothetical scenarios and understand the connections between different tasks. Visme’s PERT chart templates can help project managers in all fields handle complex projects more efficiently.

Customize your PERT chart template in the easy drag-and-drop editor, even if you have no design skills. Replace the text, colors and shapes in a few clicks. You can also alter the line types and angles to fit your own data needs. Make your PERT chart interactive by adding animations, internal or external links, hover effects, popups and more.

Download your PERT chart template as a high-quality image file to print out or share with your team. You can also publish it online and share it with a link. If you want to embed your network diagram on a web page, you can generate a responsive embed code in Visme.