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Organizational Chart Template

Need to visualize your organization's structure? Or visualize each person's responsibilities for a new project? Choose any of these easy-to-customize organizational chart templates by Visme, available across all types of categories. Tap into the icon and image libraries or our built-in expansion tools to quickly build out your diagram.

Organizational Chart Template
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Organizational Chart Template

Visme’s organizational chart templates allow anyone to create visually informative diagrams in minutes. Choose from dozens of organizational chart templates across a wide variety of categories, including designs for startups, marketing teams and project managers. You can use Visme’s built-in expansion tools to quickly create your chart. Choose from millions of images, thousands of icons and apply professionally selected color schemes with one click.

If you want to make your organizational chart interactive or animated, you can easily do that with Visme’s built-in tools. Insert hyperlinks so that readers can get more information on a specific topic, insert rollovers, buttons and add animation effects to any element. Lastly, once you’re happy with your customized organizational chart template, you can download your design as a high-resolution image or PDF file. Get started with our organizational chart maker!