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Dichotomous Key Infographic Templates

Make professional dichotomous flowcharts in minutes with Visme’s dichotomous key templates. Branch out your flowcharts in bilateral directions, and explain processes, steps and concepts to your audience easily using this simple visual tool. Whether you’re a marketer, engineer or educator, you’ll find these dichotomous key templates easy to customize.

Choose a dichotomous key template below to get started.

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Dichotomous Key Infographic Templates by Visme

Create dichotomous keys easily and quickly with Visme’s flowchart maker and a large collection of flowchart and dichotomous key templates. Create bilateral sections with the click of a button, drag around the lines and arrows that snap to fit, tap into a variety of shapes and endpoints, and even combine pre-made flowchart blocks to create something unique in a few minutes.

Customize your dichotomous key template by changing colors, fonts, text, shapes, line styles and more. You can also add elements like icons and photos in the background to make your flowchart look more visually appealing. It’s easy to add animation and interactivity into your dichotomous keys in Visme. Make the elements clickable, add hover and popup effects, and even add external links to your flowchart template.

Download your dichotomous key template in high-quality image format, share it online using a link or embed it online using a responsive code. With Visme, the creative possibilities are endless.