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Pie Chart Templates

Need to visualize proportions or the composition of a whole? Visme's pie chart templates allow you to start from professionally designed pie charts that are ready to print and include in a report or presentation. Simply customize the text and insert your own values into the pie chart templates.

Pie Chart Templates
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Pie Chart Templates by Visme

Visme’s pie chart templates allow you to not just visualize the composition of a whole, but also customize every single aspect of your graphic so that it is ready to present to the world. For example, you can customize the color of each segment, adjust the placement of labels and legends, insert your own data and customize the background. For example, you can easily insert an image background and apply an overlay or apply a color scheme with just one click.

The beauty of Visme is that it allows you to emphasize key points by inserting additional graphical elements, such as lines, boxes, circles, arrows and any other shapes into the pie chart templates to underline key data points or conclusions. Get started with our pie chart maker today.