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Map Templates

Need to create a color-coded national, regional or global map? With Visme, you can easily visualize geographic data with the map engine. Start from scratch or customize one of our professionally designed map templates. Easily change the color of each region or country, color code data and create easy-to-read legends using Visme's map templates.

Map Templates
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Map Templates by Visme

Visme’s customizable map templates allow you to create all kinds of beautiful maps, whether they be national, regional or global. Choose any region or country in the world and easily insert values for each and color code your data. For example, you can create a color coded map of the crime rate for each region or country; or a color coded map of the birth rate across the world–the possibilities are endless for visualizing geographical data.

With Visme’s map templates, you can also highlight key points by inserting additional graphical elements, such as lines, shapes, icons and images, which can also be used as backgrounds for your visuals. Once finished, you can download your map with one click as a PDF or high-resolution image. Or create a unique URL to share online. Get started with our map generator today!