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Area Chart Templates

Bring your data to life with Visme’s area chart templates. Visualize quantities and data that changes over time using a stunning area chart. You can also change the chart type by exploring Visme’s graph maker with 15+ options. Customize your favorite area chart template below and save it for printing, sharing online, embedding or adding to reports and presentations.

Area Chart Templates
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Area Chart Templates by Visme

One of the best ways to show trends over time with data is with an area chart. An area chart can help you represent quantities that change over time. Visme’s professional area chart templates use engaging colors and design principles that help your readers understand information at a single glance.

Customize one of our area chart templates from the options above to make a unique data visualization of your own. Change colors by using the color picker or uploading your brand color palette. You can also upload your company fonts, logos and other graphics to personalize your area chart. Extend it by dragging down the slider and create a full infographic for your chart.

When you’re done customizing your template, download it as a PNG, JPG or PDF file. You can also save it as an HTML5 file, or an offline web page. Another option is to share your area chart online using a link, or embed it with a snippet of code. Make it interactive and animated, or sync it with live data if you plan on sharing it online. Get started with our area chart maker.