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Funnel Chart Templates

Explain the flow of ideas, users or items in a process with a professional funnel chart. Visme’s funnel chart templates are created for various purposes, from visualizing sales processes and job applications to analyzing website user behavior. Find your perfect funnel chart template and download, share or embed it anywhere you like.

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Funnel Chart Templates by Visme

A funnel chart can help you visualize the flow in any kind of process, or a series of steps where distillation of users or items is involved. Use one of our professionally designed funnel chart templates above to create your own visualization. Funnel charts can be used to visualize sales pipelines, website user activity, conversions, job application reports and more.

Customize one of our funnel chart templates above in Visme’s drag-and-drop editor. It’s super easy to use, and you don’t need to be a designer or a data visualization expert to create a professional funnel chart. Change colors and legend settings, play around with the background, add more graphic and text elements, and even extend the chart into a full infographic.

You can easily import data into Visme’s graph maker by connecting your Excel or Google sheets. You can also add data manually inside the editor. If you want to change the chart type, you have 15+ options to choose from. Get started with a funnel chart template and visualize your own sales pipeline, website activity or any other process. Dive into our graph maker today!