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Mekko Chart Templates

Create a Mekko chart to compare data between countries, companies, brands, products, items and more. Browse Visme’s Mekko chart templates below and customize them fully in the drag-and-drop editor. Connect your spreadsheet to sync data automatically, tweak the appearance and settings, and even change the graph type by browsing through 15+ options.

Mekko Chart Templates
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Mekko Chart Templates by Visme

A Mekko chart is a mosaic-style data visualization method that helps you visualize data from two or more variables. It can be used to visualize and analyze comparative data from companies, countries and various other factors. Visme’s Mekko chart templates are helpful for all kinds of business, blogging and education purposes.

Choose a Mekko chart template from the options above to start customizing it in the drag-and-drop editor. Change graph settings, apply your own brand colors, tweak the legend, add more graphics like icons, photos and shapes, add and change text, and even extend the chart to create a full infographic with more information.

When you’re ready to save your Mekko chart, download it as an image or PDF file, or share it online with a link. You can also embed the chart on your blog or website. The best thing about sharing a chart made in Visme online is you can sync it with your Google or Excel sheet and keep it updated. If you’ve shared the chart with a link or embed code, the chart will automatically update with the latest data. Get started with our graph maker today!