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Concept Map Templates

Brainstorm ideas and give structure to your information with our creative concept map templates. You can customize your favorite concept map template by connecting shapes and lines of your choice, adding icons and text, and changing colors, fonts and much more. Perfect for use by students, teachers, marketers and other content creators.

Concept Map Templates

Choose a concept map template below to get started.

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Concept Map Templates by Visme

Looking to brainstorm ideas or need help explaining a complex concept to your audience? A concept map template is one of the best ways to organize information and structure it in a visually engaging way. They can help connect the main idea with related information, generate new ideas and aid learning by breaking down a concept into smaller parts.

Our creative concept map templates are fully customizable and can work for all kinds of purposes. Whether you want to help your students brainstorm in class or illustrate a complex idea to your audience, we have got the perfect concept map template for your needs.

Visme’s drag-and-drop editor lets you add millions of free images, thousands of icons, shapes, lines and more, and resize, rotate and apply colors as you see fit. You can also add or remove text, and even insert animations and links to make your concept map template more interactive.

Can’t find your perfect template above? Create your own custom concept map by starting with a blank canvas, connecting shapes and lines, adding background images, applying preset color themes and much more. You can even use ready-made content blocks to quickly create a concept map in minutes. No design skills needed. Get started with our concept map maker!