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Instagram Story Templates

Want to impress your followers with beautiful, out-of-the-box Instagram Stories? Our collection of Instagram Story templates are perfect for all kinds of influencers and brands. They are designed to help you take visual storytelling to the next level. Start creating stories that are on-brand, stunning and optimally sized for the platform.

Instagram Story Templates

Choose an Instagram Story template below to get started.

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Instagram Story Templates by Visme

There’s a reason why most brands and influencers are in love with Instagram Stories. They are a great way to strengthen your brand story, connect with your followers in an authentic manner and bring life to your visuals. Whether you’re showing off a new product, announcing a sale or just wishing your followers a good morning, our Instagram Story templates will help you create the perfect visual to go with your message.

Visme’s Instagram Story templates are designed with visual storytelling principles in mind so you can be sure that your message will have an unforgettable impact. You don’t even have to worry about resizing the image to make it fit better—all of our Instagram Story templates have been designed with optimal dimensions.

Simply click on the Instagram Story template that works well with your brand or message, and start customizing it in Visme’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Easily change colors, add your own images, insert unique icons and graphics, play around with the fonts and much more. You can also access our library of millions of free stock images and find one that goes with your theme. If you’re not satisfied with the assets inside Visme, you can upload your own too. Download your Instagram Story template for free in image format and you’re good to go. Get started with our social media graphics maker today!