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YouTube Thumbnail Templates

If you can only make one first impression you'd better make it a good one and now, thanks to our YouTube thumbnail templates, you can. Just select the elements that best fall in line with what you're trying to accomplish and you're ready to go - all of the hard work has already been done for you. Everything can be totally customized and even published right from your Web browser.

YouTube Thumbnail Templates
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YouTube Thumbnail Templates

YouTube thumbnails are a lot more than just a simple image. They’re the way that many, many people form a first impression about the content you’re uploading. They’re also how people decide whether or not they’re going to bother to click on your video in the first place.

Have you ever published what you know was a great video on YouTube with a totally captivating title, only to have it languish with little to no views? You watch it again and again – it’s great, you worked really hard on it and it absolutely shows. Despite this, nothing. What happened? Well, the answer is probably that you didn’t pay enough attention to your YouTube video covers – the thumbnails were too boring and they scared a lot of people off. But now, with our YouTube thumbnail templates, not only is it easier than ever to address this problem – it’s literally effortless.

Everything you need to make a vivid, colorful and oh so captivating impression is right here. Just select all the elements you need, put your own spin on it and send it out into the world – everything can be done directly from your Web browser. Not only that, but you also have a library of totally free stock images to draw from to really help thematically tie things together even further. Get started with our YouTube thumbnail maker today!