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Syllabus Templates

In a lot of ways, a syllabus is a little like a tone poem - it is at once a statement of "here's what we're about to do" and "here's why that is so important." You need to make sure you take advantage of this critical first impression and these syllabus templates are by far the best way to do it. They're easy to use, easy to customize and even easier to engage with - making sure that you and your students are all on the same page and are always moving forward at all times.

Syllabus Templates
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Syllabus Templates by Visme

At its core, a syllabus is more than just an outline of the subjects in a course that you might be teaching. It’s a framework for everything that you – and your students – are about to accomplish. It needs to present information in a way that is easy for them to understand and even easier for them to get excited about… which is why our syllabus templates are about to become the best friend you never knew you needed. These templates were built to be naturally compelling and visually interesting, giving you a chance to immediately grab their attention in a compelling way. The best part of all is that you can also choose from our library of totally free stock images to help seal the deal, taking your efforts to the next level and making your syllabi even more effective than ever.

Start creating your own visual syllabi by tapping into our library of dozens of free templates, millions of free images, thousands of vector icons and free features, such as the ability to crop images, apply filters and color schemes with one click and more. Create your own syllabus or lesson plan today.