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Vertical Flashcard Templates

Create a series of vertical flashcards to start studying for your next quiz or test. Using Visme’s vertical flashcard templates makes the process easier. Simply edit your text, add visual aids, download, print and start studying.

Vertical Flashcard Templates

Choose a vertical flashcard template below to get started.

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Vertical Flashcard Templates by Visme

Create vertical flashcards to help your students or yourself prepare for your next quiz and better learn the material. Your vertical flashcards can have all of the information on one side or be double-sided to flip for the answer.

Browse through Visme’s vertical flashcard templates to find the perfect one to input your information into. Each template is completely customizable from the colors to the fonts to the information inside. Swap out the text with your study information and customize with your favorite colors.

Add icons, stock photos, shapes and charts as visual aids to help you remember all of the information even more. Download and print your flashcards so you and your class or study group can pass them around and learn all of the information. Get started with the flashcard maker today.