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Make detailed flashcards in minutes.

  • – Fully customizable flashcard maker.
  • – Create vocabulary flashcards, history flashcards and more.
  • – Choose your flashcard template and input your information.
  • – Add free icons and photos to help you remember.
Create your Flashcards It’s free and easy to use.
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How to make flashcards in 5 steps

Use our free flashcard maker to study for your next test or prepare for your next presentation. Create all sorts of free flashcards, like grammar flashcards, science flashcards, chemistry flashcards and more. Create and print flashcards to help you memorize and learn the material you need.

  • Create a new project and choose from our flashcard templates.
  • Input your study or presentation material into each flashcard.
  • Add a new slide to create additional flashcards until you’ve covered everything.
  • Proofread everything and double check that your information is correct.
  • Download your finished flashcards as an image or PDF file and print.

Features of the Flashcard Maker

Use the free online flashcard maker to create detailed and useful flashcards to study for your next test or project or to read from during your next presentation.

Beautiful flashcard templates

Log into your Visme dashboard and click Create to get started creating your next set of flashcards. Navigate to the Printables tab and click on Flashcards icon to find your favorite template. Select your template of choice to get started creating your new flashcards.

Create your flashcards

Build your flashcards

Once you’ve chosen your flashcard template, you can customize any aspect to better match your color codes and personal preferences. Easily add in text boxes, number each card and type all of your study information in. Create printable flashcards to help you remember exam material or rehearse and prepare for your next presentation.

Customize every aspect of your flashcards to memorize your material

Turn the flashcard maker into whatever you need. Memorize vocab terms, create fill-in-the-blank flashcards, or use it as a multiple choice flashcard maker. Choose your own colors and fonts to make the flashcards truly your own.

Finish your design and ready to study? Save them as printable PDF flashcards or online flashcards, whatever helps you to study more easily.

More Great Features of the Flashcard Maker

Easy-to-customize templates to choose from and design
Hundreds of thousands of icons and photos to add to your flashcards
Mix and match fonts and colors to make it your own
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Create a one-sided or two-sided flashcard, or a vertical or horizontal flashcard
Quickly and easily download and print your new flashcards

Share your flashcards

Make printable flashcards by saving your newly designed flashcards as an image or PDF file and printing them off at home or at the library. Or you can create online flashcards by creating a sharing link and sending them digitally. Share them with your class or save them to refer to during your presentation.


What is a flashcard?

A flashcard is a study or memorization tool that holds information for students or presenters to use as an aid. They can be used in a few different ways. School flashcards are ideal for creating study aids in class or for college students to use in memorizing test material. Flashcards can also be used as a reading aid during a presentation. Simply write down your speaking points on your flashcards and hold onto them as you run through your slides.

Use the online flashcard maker to memorize the material.

Whether you’re studying for a final or rehearsing for a presentation, you need some kind of learning aid to help you memorize and understand the material. Creating flashcards with icons, photos, colors and more as mnemonic devices can be a great memorization tool.

Create your flashcard

More than a Flashcard Maker

Design flashcards that are more than written text on an index card. Add in icons and photos that are relevant to your content. Create designs with easy-to-read text so you won’t stumble over your words.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

  • Quickly and easily create flashcards for your test or presentation
  • Customize the fonts and colors in the quick flashcard maker
  • Use premade content blocks to easily make flashcards online

Create your Flashcards

Images and Graphics

  • Choose from millions of free images to find relevant mnemonic devices
  • Select from thousands of high-quality vector icons and place them into your flashcards
  • Find the perfect visuals for your content to help you memorize and stay on track

Flashcard Templates

Choose from our selection of premade flashcard templates to make your design process easier. Don’t waste time putting together your flashcards when you need to be studying or preparing for your presentation. Our template options allow you to quickly input your content, save and print.


How to use the Flashcard Maker

  • Gather all of your study material or presentation talking points and put them together in a document for easy access.
  • Log into Visme to access the flash card maker. Start a new project and click on the Printables tab to access free flash card templates.
  • Select from one of the ready-to-use templates within the free printable flash card maker in either horizontal or vertical layouts. You can make a flashcard with either a one-sided or two-sided design.
  • Add your study material or presentation talking points into the text box. Continue to add additional slides until you’ve included all of your information.
  • Customize the fonts and colors to fit your liking. Add graphics or images from the left-hand panel of the Falshard maker.
  • Proofread all your information to make sure everything is typed correctly and contains the right material. You don’t want to study the wrong content!
  • Download your finished design from the flashcard maker as a high resolution image file or PDF file. Print at home or at your local or school library.

Questions about Flashcard Maker

  • How do I add my contact information in the falshard maker?

    Creating flashcards with Visme is absolutely free. We offer both free and premium templates, and you’ll have access to any free template with the basic account. If you want to start with a premium template, you’ll have to upgrade your account.

  • Are the flashcard templates completely customizable?

    Yes! All templates are infinitely customizable. Plus, you can upload your own images and graphics if you don’t want to use the ones provided in the left-hand panel of the editor.

  • Can I print my flashcards myself?

    Yes, absolutely. You can save them as an image file or PDF file, whichever you prefer, and print them from your own home, office or library computer. If you want to download as a PDF, you’ll need a Visme Standard Plan.

  • Do I have a limit to how many flashcards I can create?

    There is no limit to how many slides (or individual flashcards) you create in a single design! You simply need to stay under your storage limit, which varies depending on which plan you have. There are, however, limits to how many individual projects you create based on your plan as well.

  • Can I change the size of my flashcards?

    You sure can. Simply click on the background of your design and go to Canvas Size to change the size and dimensions of your flashcards.

  • Is there any limit on how often I can download or share my flashcards on Visme?

    No! You can share and download your flashcards as often as you like under any of the premium plans.


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