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SWOT Analysis Presentation Templates

These SWOT analysis presentation templates will help you communicate each and every aspect of your company in detail so you can make better, more profitable business decisions. Customize them as much as you’d like in Visme’s drag-and-drop editor and free, built-in graphic assets.

SWOT Analysis Presentation Templates
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SWOT Analysis Presentation Templates by Visme

Understanding the internal and external factors that affect your business is crucial to its success. Analyze your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using our professional SWOT analysis templates. These SWOT presentations are detailed enough to help you effectively communicate factors to your team.

Customize these SWOT analysis templates by changing the number of slides, and editing the text, colors, fonts, icons and all other elements used for the design. You can choose to remove the separate SWOT slides and keep the overall SWOT slide, or add even more slides to turn this into a longer presentation, such as for competitive analysis and marketing strategies.

Download your SWOT analysis template as a PDF or PowerPoint file to review with your team or present it to the management. You can also use the presentation software for educational purposes, such as creating a SWOT for a fictional company. Don’t want to download? Share your presentation online using a link and it will be hosted on Visme. You can also embed it on your website using a code.