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Create beautiful presentations in minutes.

A free presentation maker with 900+ slide layouts, millions of images, thousands of icons, and dozens of chart types.

Create your presentation it's free and super easy.
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Customize each slide with your own images and text

Choose from over a million images, thousands of icons, dozens of charts and data widgets to visualize information in an engaging way. Apply a color scheme to all your slides with one click. Add animation effects, transitions, interactivity, pop-ups, rollovers and third-party content such as live websites and social media feeds.

visme presentation maker presentation templates

Quick TIps for Using the Presentation Maker

  • Before creating your slide deck, make sure to create an outline with all the major points in your presentation.
  • Pro presenters often use slide decks with lots of visuals and a small amount of text.
  • Combine just the right amount of storytelling with facts to take your audience on an entertaining yet enlightening journey.
  • Start creating your slides. Use our presentation maker to search for the exact slides you need.
  • Easily replace any image with your own or choose from millions of free images within our editor, as well as diagrams, charts, icons, illustrations and maps.
  • Insert your own text by clicking on any text box and typing in your own information (or you can simply copy and paste it from your outline).
  • Our presentation maker also comes with built-in animation effects that you can apply to any object. Add transitions, audio, pop-ups, rollovers and interactive buttons.
  • Use the Presenter View to rehearse your delivery. Use the timer to make sure you don’t go over the allotted time.
  • Generate a public or private URL to share with anyone so they can follow your presentation from their own devices.
  • Embed your slide deck on your website or blog by copying and pasting the code generated by clicking the Share button in the Visme editor.

A presentation maker for non-designers

Creating a slide deck for an important presentation can take several hours, if not days. Our presentation maker takes the trouble out of presentation design by providing a searchable slide library with 900+ layouts that you can fully customize.

With so many options, you can easily find the exact slides that you need instead of searching for the right template or building a slide design from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply type in your address bar and sign up for free with just your name and email. Or, click on any of the buttons found at the top and bottom of this page to sign up.

How much does it cost to make a presentation with Visme?

It's absolutely free to create, share and download your presentation. If you want to download it as a printable PDF or interactive HTML5 file (to conserve animation effects), then you can upgrade to a Standard plan.

Can I create animated projects?

Yes. You can quickly create animated presentations by adding transitions that automatically animate the entrance of elements onto your slides, or you can animate elements one by one.

Is it possible to make interactive projects with the presentation maker?

Yes. You can add pop-ups, rollovers and hyperlinks and embed videos, maps, surveys, as well as any other third-party content.

How do I present my slide deck?

Simply generate a private or public URL that can be viewed from any browser. You can also download your presentation as an HTML5 file and present from any browser without internet connection.

How can I create a slide deck in a few minutes?

Click on the plus sign at the top-right corner of your editor to explore 900+ slide layouts. Search for the exact slides you need and drag and drop the desired ones onto the right panel.

How to Use the Presentation Maker in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Create a free account with just your name and email. Choose a either the Modern or Classic visual theme under the Presentations content category. Or you can tap into our legacy templates by clicking on the link at the bottom right.

Step 2

Click on the Add New Slide option at the top right of your screen and then type in a search term related to your content needs. Click on any text box to type on your own information. Apply a color scheme with one click by selecting the Theme Colors tool. Choose from hundreds of fonts, millions of images and thousands of icons to modify the template to your content needs.

Step 3

Finally, once you’ve finished creating your slide deck, you can share it with the rest of the world by clicking on the Share button at the top-right of your screen to general a private or public URL you can send to anyone. Or you can download your presentation as a high-resolution PDF file or HTML5 file to conserve all the animation effects and interactivity.


Select from professionally designed presentation templates

Avoid the trouble of having to search for just the right template or create your own slide design from scratch by tapping into our library of more than 900 slide design layouts for practically every content need, from diagrams, charts and maps to image collages and quote slides.


Present and share your professional-looking presentation

Our presentation maker allows you to generate a public or private URL to share with your classmates or colleagues.

visme presentation maker business model presentation template
visme presentation maker group project presentation templates
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Visme gives you a ton of graphic assets in one place

photos icons graphic assets visme

Photos and Icons

Fully customize your content
  • Choose from 900+ slide layouts from a searchable bank
  • Tap into millions of free images and thousands of icons.
  • Customize the color scheme of icons. Crop your images and apply filters.
data widgets visme
data widgets icon

Charts and Graphs

Select from dozens of types
  • Dozens of chart options to choose from, such as bar, pie, line and doughnut charts.
  • Synch with live data from Google Sheets or upload your Excel file.
  • All charts are automatically animated. You can also turn off the animation.
chart maker types of charts visme

Data Widgets

Visualize stats with one click
  • Drag and drop your selected widget onto the canvas area.
  • Easily visualize figures and statistics by using the slider.
  • Customize the color scheme to your liking and adjust the size.

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Making your presentation is free and easy

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Create a slide deck in minutes it’s free and super easy there's more!

One easy interface, one learning curve, multiple uses.

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