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Nonprofit Infographic Templates

If your nonprofit is looking for more donors or getting collateral ready for your next event or gala, putting together an infographic that covers where donations go, who your nonprofit helps and how it works is a great way to build trust. Check out the nonprofit infographic templates below to choose one that will work for you.

Nonprofit Infographic Templates

Choose a nonprofit infographic template below to get started.

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Nonprofit Infographic Templates by Visme

There are millions of types of nonprofits and each one needs to have its own marketing collateral, donor information and guides for how to help. Why not consider creating an infographic as a part of all that? Visme’s fully customizable nonprofit infographic templates are the perfect way to showcase all of the information your donors could need at once.

Create a nonprofit annual report, walk your audience through the donation process, share data on how your nonprofit has been successful and more with Visme’s premium selection of nonprofit infographic templates.

Choose a template from the selection above and customize it in Visme’s design dashboard by adding in your nonprofit’s brand colors and fonts, inputting your own data, steps and content and selecting icons and photos from the design element library.
Download your nonprofit infographic template to share with your audience in a JPEG, PNG or even PDF file. You can also embed it right on your website or generate a public or private shareable link for your new infographic. Get started with our infographic maker today!