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White Paper Templates

Visme’s white paper templates are ideal for presenting your research in the form of an engaging story. Find the perfect white paper template for your needs in the options below, from topics on social issues to HR to policy paper examples. Content marketers can also use these white paper templates to communicate problems, solutions, steps, facts and more to their readers to drive engagement as part of their inbound marketing strategy.

White Paper Templates
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White Paper Templates by Visme

One of the risks of long-form types of content like white papers is that they’re often too dry for their own good. Yes, the content is important – but if you’re asking for someone’s time in a way that isn’t very compelling, you can guarantee you’re not going to have it for very long. Each white paper layout in Visme is designed by professionals, so you can be sure to capture your readers’ attention and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

This is especially true for B2B content marketing, where your prospects are probably wading through reams of word docs and white papers every single day. How do you make sure that yours is the one that they actually remember when they’ve gone home for the day? How do you make a great impression and introduction of your company to your prospects? With great design and an engaging white paper layout that helps you tell your story, of course.

Customize the white paper templates above in the easy-to-use editor that lets you drag and drop elements on to the canvas. White papers are a great tool for sharing tips as well, and you can also use these templates for creating engaging business reports. When you’re done customizing your favorite white paper template with Visme’s free graphics and your own design assets, download it in multiple formats like PDF, HTML5, JPG and more. Get started with your own white paper design today.