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Create easy-to-follow schedules in minutes.

Easy-to-personalize schedule builder. Download as an image or PDF file that you can fill in manually or digitally.

Create your schedule it's free and super easy.
weekly class schedule template
weekly planner template pink blue
weekly planner template green schedule template
work schedule template
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work plan template
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Personalize your schedule for a productive planning system

Choose from several colorful templates and customize with a color theme from the left-hand panel or choose colors from the color panel and apply them to the elements.

Change the fonts to fit the vision of your schedule and customize the size and color to fit the title spaces. Add another page if you need more space for tasks with the plus button on the right-hand panel.

schedule builder template examples

Quick Tips for Using the Schedule Builder

  • Visualize what you need a schedule for. Do you need to organize a day, a week or a special project? The schedule builder will let you plan any way you want.
  • Log in to the Visme dashboard to enter the schedule maker. Click on the Printables tab and then the schedule icon in the visual menu.
  • Select one of the easy-to-customize templates and click on the blue “use this” button. The schedule builder will then let you customize everything.
  • Personalize the template with your information and specific section titles. Leave enough space for what you will fill in later.
  • Change the fonts by searching through the font collection on the top menu panel. Pick the one that makes you feel good and will help you be productive while using the schedule you are creating.
  • Colorize and resize the font to fit in the spaces provided. For added emphasis, you can use all-caps in the titles.
  • Change the colors in your schedule with the color theme picker on the left-hand panel or change the colors of the elements one by one.
  • Add an image, texture, or illustration to the background for an added visual impact. Make sure to choose images that make you feel positive and productive.
  • If you need to have more pages than the one provided, simply add another from the right-hand panel.
  • Download the schedule as an image file or a PDF. Print it on regular paper and start planning your days, weeks or special project.

Easily create planners with the schedule builder

Use the schedule builder for schedules and planning lists. Choose from one of the different styles of templates: weekly, daily, or personal planners.

Choose one of the pre-created color palettes or create your own. Use the table maker to customize the columns and rows in each section. Download as an image or PDF and print as many copies as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the templates however I want?

Yes, the schedule builder will let you customize a template as much as you want. You can change the colors, the fonts, the shapes, and backgrounds easily.

Does the schedule builder have lots of template options?

Yes. You can use the schedule builder for daily, weekly, monthly or special project schedules. You can create one page or multi-page printed schedules.

How much does it cost to use the schedule builder?

Creating a schedule with the schedule builder is completely free. It’s free to download as an image file but you will need a paid account to download it as a PDF.

Can I print my schedule at home?

Yes, of course. Download the schedule as an image file and print at home on your favorite paper (we recommend recycled paper). If you designed many days for a larger planner, you can download as a PDF and print at a local print shop.

Are there icons, images, and illustrations I can use to personalize my schedule?

Yes, the left-hand panel in the schedule maker has plenty of graphics assets to choose from and are free to use.

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply go to and create a free account with just your name and email.

How to use the schedule builder in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Create a free account at Click on the Printables tab to see the visual menu and then select the schedules icon. Scroll through the templates and choose either a weekly, daily or to-do list schedule. Click on the blue “use this” button to start customizing your schedule.

Step 2

Enter the information you need in your schedule using the provided spaces in the tables. Inside the table maker you can choose to colorize rows or columns, add edges or insert and delete areas. Choose a font, change the color and size of the letters until the titles fit perfectly in their sections.

Step 3

Adjust the size of the tables inside the schedule maker. If the space is not enough, add a new page and extend the boxes and sections. Download the design as a JPEG or PDF file and print it on regular paper. If you’d like to use the schedule digitally, download as a PDF and fill it in on your computer.


Use the schedule builder to organize daily, weekly or monthly tasks

Use one of our practical templates to organize your days, weeks, months or projects. Create your schedule as a one page to-do list or a multi-page task planner. Select an easy-to-customize template in the schedule maker and add the information to define what the schedule is for.


Download your schedule, print it and pin it to a board or insert into a planning folder

Download the schedule as a JPEG or PDF file. Fill in the tasks and pin it up for easy follow-ups.

weekly class schedule template
weekly planner template pink blue
weekly planner template green schedule template
daily planner template quote

Visme gives you a ton of graphic assets in one place

The free photo and icon library available in Visme's design editor.

Graphics and Photo

  • Browse through thousands of photos to use as backgrounds
  • Search for the perfect icons to add to each section
  • Use illustrations to decorate edges or titles
The free font library available in Visme's design editor.

Vast Font Library

  • Choose your favorite fonts for the titles and sections
  • There are fonts in different styles, from serif, sans serif, and script
  • You can also upload your own fonts and keep them in your Brand Kit

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Creating a schedule is free and easy

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