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Make elaborate decision trees in minutes.

Easy-to-use tree diagram maker. Select a main shape and branch out with the integrated building tabs.

Create your tree diagram it's free and super easy.
setting up social media channels flowchart template visme
should I act or forget flowchart template visme
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Customize positions and connections to meet your content needs.

All sections in the tree diagram maker can be customized. The shapes can be of different sizes and colors. All the lines stay connected as a default but can be disconnected if needed.

Connections can be stretched, made smaller and moved around with the help of the integrated connecting points. Choose from a variety of shapes and line styles.

tree diagram maker quick tips

Quick Tips: How to use the tree diagram maker

  • Brainstorm a title for a process or decision. What problem do you need to solve with a tree diagram visualization? How many subtopics might you have? Alternatively, select a complex written analysis which can be turned into a visual tree diagram.
  • Sketch a rough draft with the main ideas. Jot down important titles and subtitles.
  • Log in to Visme and choose a blank canvas within the tree diagram maker. If including the map into an existing project, click the button to edit it.
  • To use the tree diagram maker, select the flowchart icon inside the Data tab on the left-hand panel.
  • Choose from the collection of shapes and select one to begin building the tree diagram. Place it at the center or the top of the canvas of the decision tree maker so you have space to branch out.
  • Click on the first shape to access the grey arrows that open the tab with the six branching options. Every shape in the tree diagram maker has tabs so you can grow the tree map in any direction and to any dimension.
  • Add the title text to the main shape and the related text into the connecting shapes within the decision tree maker. As the idea or concept progresses into more detail, change the colors of the shapes to visually separate subtopics.
  • When you move the shapes around, the lines will stay connected. If you need to move a shape to another section, the line can be disconnected and reconnected at another point. The tree diagram maker will suggest a new connecting point.
  • Change the font, size, and color of the text so that it’s legible inside the shapes within the tree diagram maker. Your Visme Brand Kit will have your fonts available at the top of the font tab. Your color palette will also be readily accessible in the colors tab.
  • Download your diagram from the decision tree maker as an image file to add to any project. Download as a PDF to print out as a poster. If you added animations to your tree diagram, you can embed it in your site or download as a .html file.

A tree diagram maker for non-designers

The tree diagram maker can help explain complex concepts or be used as a communication tool for teams. Select a main circle, oval, or diamond and branch out with the built-in expansion tools.

Add connecting lines and text inside the shapes. Every section in the tree diagram can be moved around to fit your vision. Download as an image or PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply go to and create a free account with just your name and email.

How much does it cost to make a tree diagram with the tree diagram maker?

Making a tree diagram is absolutely free. You are able to add a tree diagram inside any design or create it alone. Download it as a .jpg or .png image to share on social media. If you would like an animated tree diagram you can download a .html file with a Standard Plan.

Does the decision tree maker allow for customizations?

Yes. Every line and connecting shape inside the tree diagram maker is customizable. You can change the size, the color, and the shape. All text is also customizable in terms of font, shape, and size.

Can I create an interactive tree diagram?

Yes. Every section of the tree diagram can be animated with the effects tab on the top right menu. You can embed interactive tree diagrams in your site for free but for a downloadable .html file, you need a Standard Plan.

Can I make a tree diagram with a set color palette?

Yes, of course! You can choose a color theme from the left-hand panel and it will instantly apply to your whole tree diagram. You can also use your Brand Kit palette and apply to the shapes as you wish.

Can I use the tree diagram maker to create an infographic?

Yes, you can make an tree diagram infographic by choosing a blank canvas infographic and accessing the tree maker in the Data tab. You can actually make a tree diagram in any size canvas you like!

How to use the tree diagram maker in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Log in to Visme and start a new project or edit an ongoing design. To use the tree diagram maker, click on the Data tab on the left-hand panel and choose the flowchart tool on the top right. Select a shape to start with and place it on the canvas.

Step 2

Use the integrated branching tools by clicking on the shape and choosing from one of the grey arrows. The popup will give you six branching options with one, two, or three connected shapes. Add title text to the first shape and descriptive text into the branched out shapes. Customize the color, font, and size within the decision tree maker to fit your theme.

Step 3

Arrange the position of the shapes, the lines will stay connected unless you need to move them. Customize the color and size of the shapes to create the perfect composition for your tree diagram. The tree diagram maker provides lines in all styles that are adaptable and can be easily added on to.


Use the tree diagram maker to analyze thought processes and make decisions.

The free tree diagram maker is located in the left-hand tab of the Visme editor. Select one of the available shapes and begin building your tree map. Click on the building tabs on the initial shape and choose from the six branching options. Add a title to the main shape and explanatory text to the connected sections.


Embed or download your tree diagram.

Download as an image to insert into any project or download as a PDF to print out as a poster. Embed on your site with a snippet of code.

setting up social media channels flowchart template visme
should I act or forget flowchart template visme
is it time to rethink your website flowchart template visme

Visme gives you everything you need to visualize information

photos icons graphic assets visme

Images and Graphics

Photo and Icon Libraries
  • Choose from millions of free images for commercial and editorial use
  • Select from thousands of high-quality vector icons with customizable color schemes
  • Crop images into shapes. Apply color overlays and choose from dozens of filters.
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data widgets icon

30+ Data Widgets

Visualize stats and numbers
  • Choose from dozens of drag-and-drop data widgets, with customizable color schemes
  • Insert your values manually or use the slider to visualize values in seconds
  • Choose from visualizations in the form of gauges, dials, radials and thermometers
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Graphs and Charts

16+ Types of Charts
  • Choose from dozens of chart types, including bar, line, pie, scatter, pyramid and radar charts
  • Insert data manually, upload your information as an Excel sheet or sync to a Google sheet
  • Create automatically animated charts or download as a high-resolution image or PDF

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Making your tree diagram is free and easy

Create your tree diagram View more templates

Start making your decision tree today!

Create your tree diagram it’s free and super easy there's more!

One easy interface, one learning curve, multiple uses.

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Create your tree diagram It’s free and easy to use.