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Make beautiful quotes in minutes.

  • – Fully customizable quote maker.
  • – Browse our free inspirational quote templates.
  • – Find stunning images to use as your background.
  • – Provide inspiration for your audience.
Create Your Quote Graphic It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make a Quote Graphic in 5 steps

Use our free quote maker to design beautifully motivating quote graphics for your audience. Find the perfect stock photos, colors and icons to help convey your messaging. Create quote graphics in any dimensions and for any platform. Easily download them to share on social media, in an email, on your website and more.

  • Log into your Visme dashboard and click Create to start your new quote graphic.
  • Choose the quote template that best fits your vision. You can always choose a different template inside the quotes creator if you change your mind.
  • Search through our millions of stock images to find one relevant to your quote.
  • Find the perfect font in our quote generator to spell out your quote.
  • Download your quote graphic as an image file to share on Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms.

Features of the Quote Maker

Take advantage of our quote maker app to generate fast and beautiful quote graphics to share on social media, in your email marketing and so much more!

Beautiful quote templates

We have two sections of quote templates in two different sizes. Check out our Instagram Post and Pinterest Post templates to find the perfect layout for your next quote graphic. With hundreds of template options, you’re sure to find one that fits your business perfectly!

Create Your Quote Graphic

Build your quote

If you’re wondering how do you make a quote on Pinterest, we’ve got the answer! Using our free quote poster designs and quote editor, you can easily design a stunning quote that your audience will love.

Customize every aspect of your quote to motivate your audience

You’re sharing a quote with your audience to get them to change their mindset. You want your quote graphic to resonate with them so that they start realizing that they need your product or service.

Customizing your quote graphics using the free online quote poster maker is the perfect way to get your audience motivated and thinking along the same lines as you. Dive in with Visme’s poster designs for both Pinterest and Instagram.

More Great Features of the Quote Maker

Hundreds of custom quote posters to edit and design with
Millions of icons and photos to incorporate into your quote graphic
Add in your own branded fonts and colors to make it your own
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Create a vertical quote graphic for Pinterest or a square quote graphic for Instagram
Download your graphic as a JPG or PNG image file to upload anywhere

Share Your Quote

Visme’s free online quote maker helps you not only to design beautiful quotes but also to share them with your followers. You can download in two different image file types and upload to your platform of choice. Add animation to your design elements and embed it on your website for an even more compelling quote.


What is a Quote?

A quote is a motivational line or saying that someone influential has said. Many quotes are pulled from the famous speeches of celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, activists and more. Some are made up by the quote graphic creator.

A quote is simply a phrase that makes its reader think, whether it’s about how life could be better, how life could be easier, or how they could do something differently.

How do you make a quote graphic that gets shared?

By using our free quote generator, you’re able to choose a starter template made by professional designers. Simply swap out the text, images, fonts and colors to match your vision and your brand, and you’ve created a beautiful quote graphic your audience will love and want to spread.

Create Your Quote

More Than a Quote Maker

Make quote graphics a cornerstone of your social media strategy with our Instagram quotes maker. Write quotes on pictures online with various fonts or upload your own fonts to increase brand recognition on your graphics.

Millions of Stock Photos

  • Choose the perfect stock photo to represent your quote
  • Create a collage with multiple images
  • Inspire your audience through both words and images

Create Your Quote

Find Your Perfect Font

  • Search through our free online quote maker’s fonts
  • Includes serif, sans serif, slab and script fonts
  • Upload your own fonts using the built-in brand kit

Quote Templates

Find the perfect quote maker template from our hundreds of multi-sized options. Choose a vertical quote template perfect for Pinterest or find a square template that you can share on Instagram. Easily change out your template, photo or text, or update canvas dimensions for other platforms.


How to Use the Quote Maker

  • Find the perfect inspirational quote to use in the picture quote maker.
  • Click Create right on this page to be taken directly to the quote maker app to get started on your next design.
  • Browse through all of our quote templates to find the one whose design fits your business, your quote and your vision perfectly.
  • Paste your quote in the place of the placeholder text in the template to make it your own.
  • If you aren’t the biggest fan of the automatic font, you can always choose a new one from the menu options or upload your own fonts.
  • Customize your design even more by making different lines of text different sizes, colors and styles.
  • You can even choose up to two different fonts in a single design that pair nicely together and add some dimension to your quote.
  • Switch up the background of your quote graphic by searching through our image gallery. Type what you’re looking for in the search bar to help you browse.
  • Upgrade your background by adding color blocks, color overlays or a photo collage.
  • Download the quote graphic as a high resolution image file and share on social media, email newsletters, your website and more.

Questions About Quote Maker

  • How much does it cost to create a quote with the quote maker?

    Using the quote maker for PC is absolutely free! All images and fonts are free to use. However, some templates require a premium subscription.

  • What sizes do the quote templates come in?

    You can find templates in both optimal Pinterest and Instagram dimensions, but you can still change those to fit on your platforms. Simply click on the Canvas Size button on the top menu and choose another size.

  • Can I use any photo in the image library for the background?

    Yes! All the images are available to use for a quote or any project you want to create with the quote generator.

  • Can I print my quote or only use it on social media?

    You can do anything you like with your quote poster! Share it on social media, send it in an email or print it as a poster to hang on the wall. If you’re creating quote posters to sell online or printed, make sure the quote has a commercial license.

  • Is it possible to upload my own font to use in my quote?

    Yes, of course. You can upload any font you like and have a license to use. It will be stored inside your Visme Brand Kit, as long as you have a paid plan.

  • Are the quote templates completely customizable?

    Absolutely! All templates are infinitely customizable. Plus, you can upload your own photos and fonts if you don’t want to use the ones provided in the quote generator app.


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