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Make beautiful Keynote presentations in minutes.

  • – Online presentation maker with 900+ slide layouts
  • – Millions of high-quality images to choose from
  • – Thousands of customizable icons and shapes
Create Your Presentation It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Keynote Presentations in 5 Steps

Whether you’re creating a business Keynote presentation or an educational slideshow for your next class, Visme makes it easy to design one with our powerful presentation maker and professionally designed Keynote templates.

  • Sign up for free or log into your Visme account, and create a new project.
  • Choose one of our beautiful Keynote templates or pick a theme under the Presentations category.
  • Customize text, fonts, colors, photos, icons, charts, data visualization tools and so much more inside the Keynote presentation maker.
  • Add, remove or rearrange slides to help guide your Keynote presentation design.
  • Share your presentation online with a link or easily download it in PPTX format to open in Apple Keynote.

Features of the Keynote Presentation Maker

Visme’s free presentation maker was built by designers for non-designers to empower anyone to create stunning Keynote presentations online with the help of pre-built templates and tools.

Beautiful Keynote themes

Browse our huge library of keynote templates, or go with a presentation theme packed with hundreds of pre-built slide layouts you can mix and match. Find the perfect slide for any type of information, and customize every aspect of it to fit your unique purpose, brand and topic.

Create Your Presentation

Build your Keynote presentation

Create Keynote presentations with the help of fully customizable slides, content blocks, data visualization tools, high-quality photos and icons to help tell your story. Choose a ready-made template or get started from scratch. Visme’s drag-and-drop presentation app makes it incredibly easy to build stunning presentations for business, education and other purposes.

Customize every aspect of your presentation to match your brand

Visme’s design library is packed with millions of free images, thousands of icons, dozens of charts and graphs, animated characters and illustrations, links and more. Customize each slide to make it look exactly like you want it to. Apply color schemes to your entire Keynote presentation with one click. You can also upload your own brand assets to stay true to your visual identity.

More Great Features of the Keynote Presentation Maker

One-click preset color themes to match your tone and your brand
Millions of stock photos, videos and icons to choose from
Upload your company fonts and colors to to create branded presentations
Easy drag-and-drop presentation editor that even non-designers can use
Customizable animated assets and interactive data visualization tools
Download in your favorite format or present online with a link

Share Your Keynote Presentation

Visme’s presentation software makes it easy to create, share and present slides both offline and online. Download your Keynote presentation in PPTX, PDF or HTML5 format to present offline or send off in an email. You can also publish your Keynote slides online and generate a private link to share with specific people, or even turn your presentation into a lead generation tool by requiring email sign-in before viewing.


What is a Keynote Presentation?

A presentation is a series of slides that help explain a topic to your audience or tell a story. Keynote presentations are used in various settings, including business meetings, training sessions or in classrooms. Keynote presentations can be opened using Apple’s Keynote software for Mac, PowerPoint for Windows or within Visme itself without even downloading anything.

Use the Keynote maker to take the trouble out of presentation design.

Struggling with creating a stunning Keynote presentation? With Visme, you can design a custom slideshow in minutes, not hours. You don’t even need to have any design skills to get started. Simply pick a pre-built template to customize, or choose a presentation theme with 900+ layouts to mix and match. Building your own Keynote in Visme is a breeze.

Create Your Presentation

More Than a Keynote Presentation Maker

Visme’s online presentation maker lets you create stunning Keynote slides that will keep your audience engaged and hooked to your message till the very end. Make your presentation interactive by adding animations, links, rollover effects, transitions and much more.

Images, Icons and Illustrations

  • Free library of high-quality photos and icons
  • Animated characters and illustrations
  • Apply your own colors to each graphic

Create Your Presentation

Exclusive Data Widgets

  • Visualize facts and figures with unique data widgets
  • Browse thermometers, progress bars, radials and more
  • Customize colors and resize to fit your slide design

Professional Keynote Templates

Choose from the best Keynote templates designed by professionals to take your presentation to the next level. Tap into hundreds of ready-to-go templates, or choose one of the Keynote presentation themes with slide layouts to fit any purpose or content need, from title slides to diagrams, flowcharts, maps and section slides.


How to Use the Keynote Presentation Maker

  • Create an outline for your Keynote presentation and keep it next to you for reference.
  • Log into Visme and choose a Keynote presentation template to get started, or click on the Blank Canvas to start building your new presentation from scratch.
  • Replace the placeholder text with your own, and add or remove slides to fit your content needs.
  • Customize colors and fonts by using our built-in options, or upload your own brand assets.
  • Enhance your Keynote slides by adding icons, illustrations, images, diagrams and graphs from the left-hand panel.
  • Add transitions, animated effects, interactive links and buttons and rollover effects to make your presentation more engaging.
  • View your slides in Presenter mode and proofread for any issues or spelling errors.
  • Download your presentation in PPTX, PDF or HTML5 format to present offline. Generate a link to view your presentation online, or embed it using a code.
  • Access notes in presenter mode that no one will be able to see but you to help aid in your presentation delivery.

Questions About the Keynote Presentation Maker

  • How can I create an account with Visme?

    Click here to create a free Visme account, and sign up with your name and email address. You can also sign up directly with Gmail or Facebook.

  • How much does it cost to create a Keynote presentation with Visme’s presentation software?

    Creating a presentation with Visme is 100% free. Sharing it online or downloading it as a Keynote file is also free. To download your presentation as a printable PDF or interactive HTML5 file, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Can I create an animated Keynote presentation?

    Yes! You can easily create animated presentations by adding transitions that automatically animate the entrance of elements onto your slides, or you can animate each element separately.

  • Is it possible to make interactive projects with the Keynote maker?

    Absolutely. Visme lets you add clickable links and hover effects to your slides, as well as embed maps, surveys or any other third-party content.

  • How do I present my Keynote slideshow?

    Click on the Present button at the top to start presenting your Keynote slides. You can also generate a public or private link to share your presentation or view from any browser. If you want to deliver your Keynote offline, you can download it as a PPTX, PDF or HTML5 file.

  • Can I still open my presentation if I don’t have Mac or Apple Keynote?

    Yes! You can download your presentation in PPTX format, which can be opened with most presentation apps, including PowerPoint and Google Slides. You can also download your Keynote slides in PDF format, and open it with any PDF reader.


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