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Create Your Investor Pitch Deck It’s free and easy to use.

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Pitch potential investors
with an impressive investor pitch deck.

  • – Proven investor pitch deck template for pitching angel investors and VCs
  • – Ideal for pre-seed, seed, Series A, Series B or Series C fundraising
  • – Get your startup message out there with a powerful pitch presentation
Create Your Investor Pitch Deck It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make an Investor Pitch Deck in 5 Steps

Create a winning investor pitch deck that brings your startup idea to life and grabs investors’ attention. Instead of designing a startup presentation from scratch, use our professional pitch deck template to create your pitch deck in minutes, not hours.

  • Log into your Visme account and create a new Presentation project from the dashboard.
  • Access our startup pitch deck theme in our list of presentation themes.
  • Edit the content to appeal to your target market and ensure your ideas stand out.
  • Update any charts and graphs, and play around with colors, logos, icons and more.
  • Download your pitch deck as a PDF or PPTX, or present an interactive version online.

Bring your vision to life with a winning investor pitch deck.

Use our startup pitch deck template to make your investor presentation in minutes. Inject your own creativity using our vast library of free icons, photos, illustrations, fonts and more, or keep it simple and clean. Each slide of the sample pitch deck is designed to amplify your startup vision and help you reach your funding goals.

Title slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Title
Introduction/archetype slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Introduction/Archetype
Company purpose slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Company Purpose
Trends slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Trends/Why Now
Market size slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Market Size
Product/service slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Product/Service
Sales/marketing strategy slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Sales & Marketing Strategy
Business model/financials slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Business Model/Financials
Metrics slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Metrics
Competition slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Competition
Team slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Team
Summary slide in the startup pitch deck theme available in Visme. Summary
Use this template It’s free and easy to use.

Powerful Presentation Features That Help You Shine

Visme’s free pitch deck creator was built by designers for non-designers to help you build an investor pitch deck that’s not only attractive, but also clearly communicates your ideas and helps you get the funding you need.

Professional investor pitch deck design

Enhance your pitch deck presentation with graphic assets like vector icons, animations, charts, and premade text blocks. Accompany your pitch deck with matching brochures, sell sheets, reports and branding samples to create a seamless experience for your audience.

Create Your Investor Pitch Deck

Data visualization made easy

Visualize important data with our easy-to-customize charts and graphs. Choose from 40+ chart types, or use data widgets like progress bars and radials to visualize statistics. Manually upload an Excel file or connect your charts with Google sheets for live data.

Customize every aspect of your pitch deck to match your brand

Align your startup presentation with your brand voice by uploading your own images, fonts and other branding assets. Share your management team members, information about your customer base, your company valuation and more within your investor pitch deck. Use Visme’s assets to really stand out to venture capitalists.

Share Your Investor Pitch Deck

Ready to share your early-stage startup ideas with investors? Visme’s pitch deck creator makes it easy to download, publish and share your presentation. Save your pitch deck as a high-resolution PDF or PowerPoint file, publish on the web, or send it privately to your audience to view online.


What is a pitch deck for investors?

An investor pitch deck is a presentation that helps investors learn about your business, from the products or services you’re going to sell to your financial goals and monetization strategy. The purpose of this pitch is to get funding by clearly communicating your vision, value proposition and business strategy. Make sure the main takeaway is clear – the world needs your business, and you’ll make sure it’s a success.

Why do I need a startup pitch deck?

Creating a startup pitch deck makes it easier to explain your business to potential investors and show them why they should fund or partner with your startup. A well-designed pitch deck can bring your ideas to life, shed light on your value proposition and show investors how serious you are about your business.

Create Your Investor Pitch Deck

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you write a pitch deck for an investor? Your first step is to determine which archetype best fits your startup. This will help you to tell your startup’s story in the best way possible to maximize investment potential. Once you know which archetype your startup falls under, you can start with your introduction, then utilize our investor pitch deck template to include the perfect slides and information.
  • How do you build a pitch deck that will wow investors? Stop using boring slides filled with bullet points. Your elevator pitch should be bold, engaging and professional. You want to really sell your business idea, and a great way to do that is with a professionally designed pitch deck presentation template.
  • How many slides should an investor pitch deck be? Your investor slide deck should have no more than 10-15 slides. You want to address pain points in the market and how your startup will help. Your slides should cover things like your business idea, competitive advantage, a business model slide, the addressable market, your value proposition, elevator pitch, key metrics and a team slide.
  • Is an investor pitch deck a business plan? An investor pitch deck is not the same as a business plan. However, it will include some of the main highlights from your business plan as well as an overview of your business so potential investors know what to expect.
  • Is this the same investor pitch deck popular startups have used when they were fundraising? Popular startups like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Uber and Buffer use a similar formula when they created their own investor pitch decks. You can check out their pitch deck examples and how we recreated them in this blog post to get some inspiration for your own pitch deck.
  • How’s Visme different from PowerPoint? Visme is a much more dynamic tool than PowerPoint, offering way more presentation templates, design elements, content blocks, transitions and more. You can create a bold investor pitch deck that will wow your audience and help secure venture capital for your startup. Learn more about the differences between Visme and PowerPoint.

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