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Free Wallpaper Maker for Stunning Wallpaper Designs

Create Your Wallpaper It’s free and easy to use..
A wallpaper template available in Visme.
  • Fully customizable wallpaper maker with free wallpaper templates.
  • Dress up your smartphone and computer with your own designs.
  • Access beautiful stock photos, icons, illustrations, shapes, lines and more.

Chosen by brands large and small

Our wallpaper maker is used by over 10,209,854 marketers, communicators, executives and educators from over 120 countries that include:

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Wallpaper Templates

Choose from twenty different beautifully designed computer wallpaper templates to jumpstart your design. Design custom wallpapers by swapping out photos, text and colors with your favorites. The custom wallpaper maker can help you create the design of your dreams.

Features of the Wallpaper Maker

Use our free wallpaper maker to create simple desktop and smartphone wallpapers that personalize each of your devices with your own sense of style. Learn more about all of the available features below.

Beautiful wallpaper templates

Jump into your Visme design dashboard and click Create. Navigate to the Web Graphics tab and click Wallpapers to find our template options. There are tons of beautifully designed wallpaper templates to get you started creating the perfect design.

Create Your Wallpaper
A selection of wallpaper templates available in Visme.

Build your wallpaper

Once you’re inside of the free online wallpaper maker, you can customize your wallpaper. If you love it as is, that’s perfect! If not, browse through stock photos, fonts, colors and more to make the design completely yours.

Icon and font options available in Visme.

Customize every aspect of your wallpaper to show off your personal style

Make your personality shine through your phone wallpapers and computer wallpapers by creating fully customized designs that represent you and the colors and photos you love. Show off your style and design tastes by choosing a wallpaper template or blank slate and customizing your entire design. Find stock photos that make the perfect background for your favorite quote or create a calendar design and stay organized.

Stock photos, colors and icons available in Visme's editor.

More Great Features of the Wallpaper Maker

  • template-many Dozens of beautiful wallpapers to choose from and customize
  • icon-photos Hundreds of thousands of stock photos to add as your wallpaper background
  • fonts Add in your own favorite fonts and colors to make it your own
  • drag-drop Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
  • template-beautiful1 Make wallpaper designs for your smartphone, computer and other devices
  • download-upload Download your designs and share with friends or set as your own wallpaper
An illustration of the sharing options for your wallpaper.

Share Your Wallpaper

You can quickly and easily use the wallpaper builder to create wallpaper designs and share them with friends, family and even customers. Download your designs as an image file or publish on the web to create a public link.


What is a Wallpaper?

A wallpaper is the background design on your phone, computer, tablet and other devices. While you can leave the default wallpaper design, why not spice up your smartphone and computer and make custom wallpapers with our online wallpaper maker?

Your wallpaper can be whatever you want it to be. Add quotes, create a calendar, use it to organize the files on your desktop and more.

Create Your Wallpaper
A selection of wallpaper templates available in Visme.

Use the wallpaper maker to personalize your devices.

Add your personality into your wallpaper design. Update and refresh your wallpaper as often as you want to. It’s easy to create wallpapers online with our free background maker, so you can switch up your design every month or every season.


More Than a Wallpaper Maker

Our wallpaper designer can be used to make any type of background you envision. Use it as a photo wallpaper maker, a quote wallpaper maker, a love wallpaper maker and so much more! Customize your dimensions to match your phone or computer screen size and easily save it to your device.

Photos and Graphics

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to create an engaging and beautiful wallpaper design.

Tables & Graphs

Use tables to create organizational tools for your desktop, visualize numbers with icon arrays, and add charts, graphs & data widgets to your wallpaper design.

Custom Animation

Access Visme’s animation and interactivity features when creating custom content with animated illustrations, special effects and more.


How to Make Wallpapers in 5 Steps

Show off your personal style and decorate your smartphone and computer with your own custom wallpaper designs! Find photos, icons, graphics, text blocks and more to help create the wallpaper design of your dreams. Customize your dimensions to fit your specific screen, download your wallpaper and make it your background. Voila!

Simply follow the five-step tutorial laid out below to create your own fully customized wallpaper design to help keep yourself motivated, organized and more.

  • Log into your Visme dashboard and create a new project to get started.
  • Choose from our premade wallpaper templates or start from scratch to create your own design.
  • Browse through our hundreds of thousands of high resolution stock photos to find the perfect background.
  • Add text blocks, icons, calendars and more to make the desktop wallpaper your own.
  • Download your new computer wallpaper and save it as an image. Set it as your new background and enjoy!

How to Use the Wallpaper Maker

  • Start by logging into the Visme dashboard to use our computer and phone wallpaper creator.
  • Start a new project and click on the Web Graphics tab to access our free wallpaper templates.
  • Find the template that most resembles your aesthetic and click Edit to get started and customize your wallpaper online.
  • Swap out the background photo by searching through our thousands of available stock photos.
  • Use content blocks to add quotes and other bits of text for motivational sayings to your wallpaper maker online.
  • Customize the fonts and colors to match your style. Add icons or other graphics from the left-hand panel of the wallpaper creator.
  • Incorporate shapes and tables to create an organized computer desktop and set up where each of your desktop icons belongs.
  • Once you’ve created a design that you love, use the computer and iPhone wallpaper maker to download an image file of your design. Set it as your wallpaper and stare at it often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to create a wallpaper with the wallpaper maker?

You can create wallpapers you love for free with Visme. Downloading the wallpaper as a JPEG image file is also free. If you would like to download the wallpaper design as a PNG, you will have to upgrade to a Standard Plan.

Are the wallpaper templates completely customizable?

Absolutely! All templates are infinitely customizable. Plus, you can upload your own images and graphics if you don’t want to use the ones provided in the left-hand panel of the editor.

Can I upload my own photos to use in my wallpaper design?

Yes! Upload as many photos as you would like to create your picture-perfect wallpaper and use our easy drag-and-drop editor to place them where you’d like them to go. You can even crop photos and add frames to them for even more customization.

Can I use any photo in the image library for the background?

Yes, all the images are available to use for your wallpaper background or any project you want to create with the wallpaper maker.

Is it possible to upload my own font to use in my wallpaper?

It sure is! You can upload any font you like and have a license to use. It will be stored inside your Visme Brand Kit, as long as you have a paid plan.

Can I share my wallpaper on social media?

You can do anything you like with your new wallpaper design. Share it on social media, send it in an email or set it as your phone or computer background. If you are creating wallpapers to sell online, make sure the photos, fonts and quotes (if necessary) on it have commercial licenses.