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Visme vs. Digideck

Visme is a state-of-the-art presentation and content creator that offers more professional features, design templates, ease of use, brand control, and digital enhancements than Digideck.

  • Customize premade slides or upload your own.
  • Store all your brand assets in one place.
  • Publish and share your projects online.
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Mix and match slide layouts to build a custom presentation.

  • Browse thousands of pre-designed slides or upload your own.
  • Drag and drop content blocks, icons, photos and videos onto your slides.
  • Save custom slide layouts to quickly reuse in your presentations.


Create interactive charts, diagrams, maps and widgets.

  • Bring data to life with 50+ charts, data widgets and powerful maps.
  • Create custom and dynamic progress bars, radials, pie charts and more.
  • Add animation and interactivity to allow your audience to participate in the content and dive in further for more information.


Customize everything, from fonts to colors to icons and more.

  • Build a fully unique presentation by customizing each and every aspect.
  • Upload your own logo, color palettes, images and fonts to match your brand.
  • Have complete control over your digital assets, including photos and videos.

How Visme is a More Powerful Presentation Maker

Visme allows you to create stunning, dynamic presentations for teams of all sizes. While Digideck helps teams put together sales and marketing presentations, you can only go far with its vastly limited design capabilities and extensive waiting time. Visme allows you to be endlessly creative while Digideck requires your presentations to fit their specific mold.

Comparison chart showcasing why Visme's tool is more powerful than Digideck.

  • Visme lets you build stunning presentations that match your brand.

    Keep your designs on-brand with Visme’s advanced brand management tools. Store your logo, color palette, fonts and other assets, and allow your team to create consistent slides in minutes.

  • Collaborate with your team to create the perfect presentation.

    Visme lets you create multiple accounts for your team and design the ultimate slide deck together with comments, mark ups and other collaboration tools.

  • Customize pre-built slide templates, or upload your own presentations.

    Visme gives you access to thousands of customizable slide layouts and fully designed templates. You can also upload your own PowerPoint files and edit them easily in Visme.

  • Easily share your presentation online or offline.

    Download your presentation in various formats, including editable PPTX and HTML5. You can also publish it online, make live updates to the content and share an online link with your audience or team.

  • Visme is more than just a presentation tool.

    While Digideck limits you to only presentations, Visme offers templates for 40+ other content types. Create branded infographics, brochures, reports and proposals that match your presentations.

  • Upload and manage your digital assets.

    Store important assets, such as photos, videos, icons, fonts, logos and more, and give your team full access to use them in presentations and other designs.

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Visme Features You’ll Love

Hundreds of professional templates to get you started quickly and easily

Upload your own presentations and brand assets to launch your team into productivity

Share your content for virtual viewing and get analytics for how the content is consumed

Millions of fully customizable icons, animated graphics and photos

Easy drag-and-drop editor, made with the non-designer in mind

Use interactive charts, graphs and data widgets or embed Tableau to visualize numbers

Visme certified for everyone

One tool to rule them all

More Than a Presentation Tool

Visme helps take care of all your visual content creation needs, not just presentations. Visme empowers businesses, teams and individuals to create anything under the sun, like reports, flyers, infographics, charts, maps, resumes and so much more.


Animated Illustrations, Characters, and Gestures

  • Browse our beautiful animated illustrations and characters exclusive to Visme.
  • Bring a human interactions to your designs with gestures and characters.

  • Insert fully animated illustrations to add life to your designs.

  • Fully customize every color within the illustrations.


Charts, Data Widgets and Diagrams

  • 20+ types of animated and interactive charts and graphs
  • Dozens of data widgets to visualize numbers and values
  • Easy-to-use mind mapping and flowchart creation tools

Browse Our Templates

Visme offers thousands of templates across dozens of content categories. Get started browsing through Visme’s template library by checking out our most popular templates below. Search more templates to find exactly what you want to create.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to create a presentation in Visme? Sign up for a free Visme account to explore the platform and the capabilities at zero cost. For more information on features and pricing, connect with our Customer Success team for a live demo.
  • How many types of content can I create with Visme? There are more than 40 different categories of templates that you can choose from in Visme. Create branded brochures, reports, sell sheets and more to match your presentation.
  • Can I upload my own fonts? Absolutely! Creating a Brand Kit allows you to save your brand colors, fonts and logos for later use. You can also save branded templates to your library.
  • Are the templates completely customizable? Yes! All templates are infinitely customizable. Plus, you can upload your own presentations, images and graphics if you don’t want to use the ones provided inside the Visme editor. You can even match our templates to your brand colors if you have a Brand Kit set up! You can also lock areas of the design templates in place and share those with the team to create standardized designs anyone in your team can use.
  • Can I create any type of chart with Visme? Yes! Visme lets you create virtually any type of chart. Create 2D charts, 3D charts, animated charts, interactive charts, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, donut charts and so much more.
  • Are there icons and photos available for commercial use? Yes. All photos and graphics available in Visme are free for personal and commercial use.

Your secret tool for a Visual Age.

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