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Make beautiful Venn diagrams in minutes.

Easy-to-use Venn diagram maker. Create professional Venn diagrams with customizable templates.

Create Your Venn Diagram it's free and super easy.
three circle venn diagram template
two circle venn diagram template
four circle four set venn diagram template
six circle six set venn diagram template
triangle oval three set venn diagram template
four circle venn diagram template
five circle five set venn diagram template

A Venn diagram maker made for non-designers

Venn diagrams are an important tool for visualizing relationships between concepts. With Visme’s Venn diagram maker, you can create all types of Venn diagrams, from two circles to more complex compositions.

Customize the colors, shapes and fonts to fit your brand. Pick a background to match the rest of the design. Share your Venn diagram on social media or download it as an image or PDF file.

venn diagram maker customization options

Fully customize your Venn diagram.

Use the Venn diagram maker to enter information into the diagram and customize the colors, fonts and background. Move the shapes around as much as you need. Add more or take some away if necessary. Make the shapes wider or thinner with the transformation drag tool. Stay on brand by using the same type of shapes throughout the design. For interactive projects, use the animation option and add a bit of life to your Venn diagram.

types of venn diagrams

Quick Tips: How to Use the Venn Diagram Maker

  • Before you choose a template for your Venn diagram, have all your data ready. Try sketching out on paper how you want your Venn diagram to look.
  • Once you’ve chosen a template, customize the colors and shapes of the Venn diagram to fit you brand style guide.
  • To ensure a professional-looking design, use the built-in grid in the Venn diagram generator to neatly align your shapes and text.
  • Remember that Visme's Venn diagram maker lets you change and move everything. The shapes can be transformed any way you like. The colors can be changed by adding a hex number or with the color picker.
  • If you are creating an interactive infographic, or a presentation, use the animation setting and add extra emphasis to the Venn diagram. There are numerous animated options to choose from.
  • If using more than one Venn diagram in your design, it’s best to stay with one style so that the composition maintains a unified style.
  • Use Visme's Venn diagram generator to compare and contrast abstract concepts or clarify the relationship between different elements and how they overlap.
  • Make your circles, oval or triangles as opaque or as translucent as you like by adjusting the transparency for each shape within the Venn diagram maker.
  • If the Venn diagram is not for your brand, use the same colors and fonts as the design you’re working on.
  • Before downloading or sharing your work, make sure to proofread all text for spelling and grammar errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply go to and create a free account with just your name and email. Then follow the instructions above to create your Venn diagram.

How much does it cost to use the Venn diagram maker?

Creating a diagram with the Venn diagram maker is free. If you want to use the Venn diagram for a printable PDF file with crop marks or download an interactive design as an HTML file, you can upgrade to a Visme Standard plan.

Are all the fonts available in the Venn diagram maker?

Yes. You have access to all the fonts inside Visme, including the ones in your Brand Kit.

Can you include a Venn diagram inside an interactive design and share it online?

Yes, you can add an animated Venn diagram to an interactive infographic or presentation.You can then share it online or embed it in your website. If you want to download the final design as an HTML file you can upgrade to a Standard Plan.

Can I customize the color palette for the shapes in my Venn diagram?

Yes, the Visme editor lets you customize everything, including the color of the shapes in your Venn diagram. You can either choose the colors one by one, or choose a color theme.

Do Venn diagrams have to always be built with circles?

No, they don’t! Venn diagrams can be designed with any shape you like, as long as they help you tell the story of your diagram. Try and be creative with ovals, diamonds, or triangles.

How to Use the Venn Diagram Maker in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Log in to Visme and choose ‘infographics” from the menu. Input “venn diagram” in the search bar to see all the available templates.

Step 2

Choose the Venn diagram design that best fits your data. Fill in the information and customize the colors, fonts and shapes.

Step 3

With one click, insert the Venn diagram into your presentation, infographic or any other design. Share on social media or download the graphic as a PDF or image file.


Create a beautiful Venn diagram according to your data.

Choose from our selection of templates. From two circles, to complex compositions with other kinds of shapes are available within the Venn diagram generator. How many concepts do you need to compare and how many shapes do you need?


Publish and share your Venn diagrams.

Visme's Venn diagram generator allows you add beautiful diagrams to your presentations, infographics, or any design. It’s easy to share to social media with Visme’s internal sharing options. You can also download the Venn diagram as a PDF file or image.

three circle venn diagram template
two circle venn diagram template
five circle five set venn diagram template
triangle oval three set venn diagram template

Visme gives you everything you need to visualize information

photos icons graphic assets visme

Photos and Images

Make your diagram stand out
  • Choose from thousands of free images to use as a background for your Venn diagram
  • Select from thousands of vector icons to further illustrate concepts in your diagram
  • Add color overlays and filters over your images to keep your text legible
how to upload your own fonts to visme

Hundreds of Fonts

Personalize your content
  • Choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts within the Venn diagram maker
  • Select from the most popular fonts, including serif, sans serif, script and slab
  • Upload your own fonts with a Premium plan using the brand kit
chart maker types of charts visme
data widgets icon

Charts and Graphs

Visualize all types of data
  • Go beyond diagrams and visualize all types of numeric data
  • Choose from 16+ chart types, including bar, line, pie, radar, pyramid and Mekko charts
  • Insert your own data or synch with live data from a Google sheet

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Making your Venn diagram is free and easy

Create your Venn diagram View more templates

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Create Your Venn Diagram it’s free and super easy there's more!

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