Create Your Venn Diagram It’s free and easy to use.

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Free Venn Diagram Maker for Beautiful Venn Diagrams

Create Your Venn Diagram It’s free and easy to use.
A Venn diagram template open in Visme's editor.
  • Create Venn diagrams with 2,3,4 or more overlapping circles.
  • Import your data sets and create fully customizable Venn diagrams.
  • Beautiful data visualization with our Venn diagram examples and templates.

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Venn Diagram Templates

Getting started with a template makes everyone’s life easier. Browse through our available Venn diagram templates below to find one that will work perfectly to visualize your comparisons. Visualize two, three, four or more different comparisons to share similarities and differences to your audience. These are great to use as visual aids in the classroom or to show off differences between your competitors.

Features of the Venn Diagram Maker

Customize colors, shapes and fonts in the Venn diagram maker online. Pick a background to match the rest of the design. Share on social media or download as an image or PDF file.

Beautiful Venn diagram templates

Make your Venn diagram creation easy on yourself by starting with a template that already has everything in place. All you need to do is customize fonts and colors, then swap out all of the information to finalize your design.

Create Your Venn Diagram
Venn diagram templates available in Visme.

Build your Venn diagram

If you don’t find a template you love, it’s still easy to build your own Venn diagram in Visme’s free Venn diagram maker. You can create a 2 circle or 3 circle Venn diagram by adding shapes to your canvas and dragging text boxes overtop them.

Venn diagrams
A Venn diagram template along icon and illustration options in Visme's editor.

Customize every aspect of your Venn diagram to compare and contrast

Use the Venn diagram creator to easily compare two or more items. Create custom Venn diagrams by customizing the colors, fonts and background of your design. Move the shapes around. Add more or take some away. Make the shapes wider or thinner with the transformation drag tool. Use the same type of shapes throughout the design. For interactive projects, use the animation option and add a bit of life to your Venn diagram.

Create Your Venn Diagram
A Venn diagram template alongside stock photo options and settings in Visme's editor.

More Great Features of the Venn Diagram Maker

  • template-many Browse our beautifully pre-designed Venn diagram templates
  • icon-photos Various shapes to help create comparisons in your design
  • fonts Hundreds of thousands of icons and photos to choose from
  • drag-drop Add in your own branded fonts and colors to make it your own
  • customize Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
  • download-upload Add to existing projects or download as a JPG or PNG file
An illustration showing all the ways to share a Venn diagram made with Visme.

Share Your Venn Diagram

Create customizable Venn diagrams online to add to other Visme projects, share as standalone diagrams or even use as teaching devices in the classroom. It’s easy to share your beautiful Venn diagram with Visme. Simply generate a live link, embed it onto a webpage or download it as an image or PDF file.


What is a Venn Diagram?

A Venn diagram is a visual diagram used to compare and contrast two or more things that were originally created by John Venn. Each item has its own circle within the diagram to demonstrate differences between the various concepts, and the circles overlap each other to demonstrate similarities.

Venn diagrams are the perfect tools for comparing and contrasting items during a brainstorming session, classroom lecture or group discussion, and more. You can create your own Venn diagram right inside Visme.

Create Your Venn Diagram
Venn diagram templates available in Visme.

Use the Venn diagram maker to demonstrate your data.

Choose from our selection of templates. From two circles, to complex compositions with other kinds of shapes are available within the Venn diagram builder. How many concepts do you need to compare and how many shapes do you need?


More Than a Venn Diagram Maker

Create a Venn diagram quickly and easily with Visme’s Venn diagram designer. Draw Venn diagram circles using shapes available in the editor, customize their colors and insert your information.


Create interactive Venn diagrams with popup and rollover effects that allow your viewer to interact with your design to learn more information.

Charts & Data Viz Tools

Visualize information beautifully with charts, graphs, flowchart elements, data widgets and other customizable data visualization assets.

Images & Illustrations

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, animated graphics and more to create a completely unique Venn diagram design.


How to Make Venn Diagrams in 5 Steps

Venn diagrams are an important tool for visualizing relationships between concepts. With Visme’s Venn diagram maker, you can create all types of Venn diagrams, from two circles to more complex compositions.

Compare and contrast both simple and complex topics with a Venn diagram. Start with a template and insert your own information. Learn more about creating your own Venn diagram in our quick video tutorial.

  • Log into your Visme dashboard and click Create to start a new project.
  • Type Venn diagram in the search bar and choose a template that works for your data.
  • Fill in the information and customize the colors, fonts and shapes.
  • With one click, insert the Venn diagram into your presentation, infographic or any other design.
  • Share your Venn diagram on social media or download the graphic as a PDF or image file.

How to Use the Venn Diagram Maker

  • Before you choose a template for your Venn diagram, have all your data ready. Sketch out your Venn diagram on paper first.
  • Once you’ve chosen a template, customize the colors and shapes of the Venn diagram to fit your brand style guide.
  • To ensure a professional-looking design, use the built-in grid in the Venn diagram generator to neatly align your shapes and text.
  • Remember that Visme’s online Venn diagram maker lets you change and move everything so you can resize shapes or change colors.
  • If using more than one Venn diagram in your design, it’s best to stick with one style so that the composition maintains a unified style.
  • Use Visme’s Venn diagram generator to compare and contrast abstract concepts or clarify the relationship between different elements and how they overlap.
  • Make your circles, oval or triangles as opaque or as translucent as you like by adjusting the transparency for each shape within the Venn diagram maker.
  • Once you finish your design, share it with a live link, embed it on a webpage or download as an image file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make a Venn diagram online?

You can easily create a Venn diagram online by using Visme. Start with a template, choose your shapes, insert your content and download.

Can you make a Venn diagram in Excel?

Yes, you certainly can make a Venn diagram in Microsoft Excel. However, you won't have the ease of use or design elements that Visme gives you, so we recommend creating a free Visme account to create your next Venn diagram.

Can you include a Venn diagram inside an interactive design and share it online?

Yes, you can add an animated Venn diagram to an interactive infographic or presentation.You can then share it online or embed it in your website. If you want to download the final design as an HTML file you can upgrade to a Standard Plan.

Do Venn diagrams have to always be built with circles?

No, they don’t! Venn diagrams can be designed with any shape you like, as long as they help you tell the story of your diagram. Try and be creative with ovals, diamonds, or triangles.

Why should I create a Venn diagram?

A Venn diagram is a great way to show off the similarities and/or differences between two or more things. Displaying this information in a visually appealing design can help your audience understand your point and come to a conclusion.

What is the best Venn diagram maker?

While there are a variety of Venn diagramming tools available online, we think Visme is the best option out there. This is due to our extensive template library, ease of use, millions of design elements and more.