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Road Infographic Template

Road Infographic Template

Whenever you’re trying to illustrate work that is in progress, the story you’re trying to tell is less about where you’re going and more about how you’re trying to get there. That’s part of what makes this road Infographic so valuable – it gives you a chance to properly contextualize both what you’ve accomplish and how long it took you to accomplish it, essentially overlaying a traditional learning Infographic and a timeline Infographic into the same document. The arc of progress is always slow, but it is also very steady in its own way. Now, you’re able to visualize that simple idea against the backdrop of any type of work you’re currently engaged in – even before it's over.

Use this Template

Road Infographic Template Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    Tall (Can be stretched to virtually any desired height to fit your content needs)
  • Customizable:
    This infographic template can be fully customized. You can edit content, change image(s), apply custom colors, add or remove content blocks and apply your own color theme.
  • Formats:
    The infographic Can be shared as public or private link (with or without a password), embedded to a site or blog, or downloaded as JPG, PNG, PDF or HTML5.