Create Your Organizational Chart It’s free and easy to use.

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Make professional organizational charts in minutes.

  • – Intuitive organizational chart maker.
  • – Easy-to-use expansion tools.
  • – Download as a high-resolution image or PDF.
Create Your Org Chart It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Organizational Charts in 5 Steps

Organizational charts are perfect for visually depicting your company’s members in a hierarchical style. This easy-to-use org chart software has plenty of shapes and connectivity options. Choose between ovals, rectangles, diamonds or circles. Connect, disconnect and reconnect sections easily. Personalize with your selection of fonts and images. Download as a high-res graphic.

  • Click the “Create” button below to enter the org chart maker.
  • Select an organizational chart template to jumpstart your hierarchy chart.
  • Choose a shape to start building your org chart and add it to the canvas.
  • Click an arrow and drag it to the next shape in your organization chart.
  • Share your chart online or download as a PDF or high-resolution image file.

Features of the Organizational Chart Maker

An organizational chart can visualize the hierarchy in your company or a descriptive process. Use Visme to build org charts that are easy to follow and easy to create.

Beautiful org chart templates

Make your organizational chart design easy by getting started with a premade template. Choose one closest to your organization, edit the shapes and lines, swap out the content and customize to match your brand.

Create Your Organizational Chart

Build your org chart

Make org charts online with Visme’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Quickly design an organizational chart that showcases your team’s hierarchy and embed it or upload it onto your website for your customers to see.

Customize every aspect of your organizational chart to visualize hierarchy

You can easily edit connections between shapes in the free organization chart maker. If you want to change the placement simply disconnect and connect again somewhere else. It’s easy to fully customize your organization chart, even when you get started with a premade template.

More Great Features of the Organizational Chart Maker

Visually appealing org chart templates to jumpstart your diagram
Hundreds of thousands of icons and photos to choose from
Add in your own branded fonts and colors to make it your own
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Choose your shape and line style, then draw out your organizational chart
Download as an image file or PDF or embed on a webpage

Share Your Organizational Chart

Visme’s org chart maker gives you a number of different ways to share and publish your free organizational chart. Share online with a link, embed on your website or download in a number of different formats. This helps ensure that no matter what your needs are, you can share your hierarchy chart with anyone and everyone.


What is an Organizational Chart?

An organizational chart, or hierarchy chart, is the perfect way to showcase team or company organization. This can even be used for project management, to help let everyone involved know who to report to. These are also great for sharing team organization on your website for your customers to see.

Use the org chart creator to show off your team.

It’s easy to insert your content into the shapes in the organizational chart. Choose your favorite font from over a hundred available options or use your own. Personalize the text with colors and styles easily. Change the colors of the shapes to match the background behind the chart. Input team names or upload headshots to visualize each member.

Create Your Organizational Chart

More Than an Organizational Chart Maker

To create an organization chart with Visme, you just need to access the flowchart widget inside the data tab on the left-hand panel. Use this to edit the organizational chart templates, on a blank canvas, or an ongoing project.

Icons and Graphics

  • Use icons and illustrations to add visual richness
  • Easily color customize the graphics to match your chart
  • Find the perfect simple background in the image library

Create Your Organizational Chart

Custom Org Chart Elements

  • Choose from a variety of shapes and line designs to guide your hierarchy
  • Color code based on each level within your organizational chart
  • Easily upload your team headshots to visualize members

Organizational Chart Templates

Find an organizational chart template that looks similar to your own company or project’s hierarchy to make the design process that much more pain-free. Simply jump into the editor, customize the content, change any diagram lines and shapes that you need, and download or share your finished product.

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How to Use the Organizational Chart Maker

  • Sketch out a rough draft of the hierarchy within your company or project before getting started.
  • Click on the “Create” button on this page or open any project on the Visme dashboard.
  • To access the hierarchy chart maker, simply click on the data tab located on the left-hand panel of the editor and choose the flowchart tool.
  • Click on a shape in the canvas and choose from six building options. The default will give you the same shape as the one you are building from.
  • Add your content to the shapes and choose a font from over a hundred options. There are fonts of all types.
  • Adjust the position of the shapes in the chart by clicking and dragging them to wherever you want.
  • Customize the color of the shapes and the background to get a good balance for your chart.
  • Add icons or illustrations to add a greater visual impact to go along with your content.
  • Download your chart as a high-definition image or include in a project like your annual report.

Questions About the Organizational Chart Maker

  • How much does it cost to create organizational charts with the org chart maker? It’s completely free to create an organizational chart. You can include it in any Visme project or create it on its own in any size. Downloading it as an image is free. If you need a PDF or an interactive animated version, you will need a paid plan.
  • Are there lots of templates to choose from? There sure are! We offer a library of fully designed templates you can use. There are also prebuilt sections in the diagram tab on the left-hand panel. Everything is customizable.
  • Will my organizational chart be easy to include in any project? Yes, the org chart software is available inside all projects types. You can add a chart to your annual report or create a poster specially for it.
  • Can I use my brand colors and fonts in my organizational chart? Of course. Everything inside your Visme Brand Kit is accessible when building with the organizational chart maker. You can also reuse diagram templates from previous projects. You will need a Standard Plan to have a Brand Kit.
  • Can I make an animated or interactive organizational chart? Absolutely! You can add animation and interactivity to your chart easily. Add movement to the shapes and text. Incorporate animated illustrations and characters. Add music or a narration as well. This will need to be published to the web or downloaded as an HTML5 file.
  • Is there a size limit to how I make an organizational chart? Nope! If you create an org chart inside a blank canvas or any other template, you can resize the canvas and adjust the diagram. If you create it inside an infographic, you can use the draggable sizing tool at the bottom of the canvas.

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