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Make professional organizational charts in minutes.

Intuitive organizational chart maker with easy-to-use expansion tools. Download as a high-resolution image or PDF file.

Create Your Org Chart it's free and super easy.
project management organizational chart template visme
product organizational chart template. visme
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sales department organizational chart template visme
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Add your content to the chart and personalize it.

It’s easy to insert your content into the shapes in the organizational chart. Choose your favorite font from over a hundred available options or use your own.

Personalize the text with colors and styles easily. Change the colors of the shapes to match the background behind the chart.

how to make an organizational chart org chart software visme

Quick tips for using the organizational chart maker

  • Put together all the information for your organizational chart in a document on your computer. Sketch it out as a rough draft as well.
  • Click on the “create” button on this page or open any project on the Visme dashboard.
  • To access the organizational chart maker, simply click on the data tab located on the left-hand panel of the editor. Once inside, choose the flowchart tool for single pieces or the diagram tab for prebuilt sections.
  • Click on a shape in the canvas and choose from six building options. The default will give you the same shape as the one you are building from.
  • Add your content to the shapes and choose a font from over a hundred options. There are fonts of all types, from simple to novelty styles.
  • Adjust the position of the shapes in the chart by clicking and dragging them to wherever you want.
  • The org chart software will keep the shapes connected to each other or help you disconnect them for a simpler composition.
  • Customize the color of the shapes and the background to get a good balance for your chart.
  • Add icons or illustrations to add a greater visual impact to go along with your content.
  • Download your chart as a high-definition image or include in a project like your annual report.

An intuitive organizational chart maker

Organizational charts are perfect for visually depicting your company’s members in a hierarchical style. This easy-to-use org chart software has plenty of shapes and connectivity options.

Choose between ovals, rectangles, diamonds, or circles. Connect, disconnect, and reconnect sections easily. Personalize with your selection of fonts and images. Download as a high-res graphic.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply go to and create a free account with just your name and email.

What is the cost of using the organizational chart maker?

It’s completely free to create an organizational chart. You can include it in any Visme project or create it on its own in any size. Downloading it is free as an image. If you need a PDF or an interactive animated version, you will need a paid plan.

Are there lots of templates to choose from?

Yes, there are some fully designed templates you can use. There are also prebuilt sections in the diagram tab on the left-hand panel. Everything is customizable.

Will my organizational chart be easy to include in any project?

Yes, the org chart software is available inside all projects types. You can add a chart to your annual report or create a poster specially for it.

Can I use my brand colors and fonts in my organizational chart?

Yes, everything inside your Visme Brand Kit is accessible when building with the organizational chart maker. Your can also reuse diagram templates from previous projects.

Can I make an animated or interactive organizational chart?

Yes. you can add animation and interactivity to your chart easily. Add movement to the shapes, and text. Add music or a narration as well. This will need to be published to the web or downloaded as a .html file.

How to use the organizational chart maker in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Tap on the “create” button above to enter the org chart software. Select one of the templates to start with. You can customize absolutely everything so don't feel limited. Just pick the one that resonates with you. An organizational chart can visualize the hierarchy in your company or a descriptive process.


Step 2

Add your content into the corresponding shapes and sections. Change the connective styles by clicking on a shape to see the options. All shapes can be disconnected and reconnected somewhere else seamlessly. Personalize the text with your favorite font and change the color and styling.

Step 3

Everything in the organizational chart maker is customizable. Change the background image or use a single color. Select colors for the shapes or the change the shape style altogether. Add icons or other graphics to visualize relevant data. Download you chart as a high-resolution image or include it in your annual report.


The organizational chart maker uses an intuitive diagram builder

To create an organizational chart with Visme, you just need to access the flowchart maker inside the data tab on the left-hand panel. Use this to edit the organizational chart templates, on a blank canvas, or an ongoing project.


Easily edit connections between shapes in the organizational chart maker

If you want to change the placement simply disconnect and connect again somewhere else.

project management organizational chart template visme
sales department organizational chart template visme

Visme gives you a ton of graphic assets in one place

photos icons graphic assets visme

Tons of graphics and visuals

  • Use icons and illustrations to add visual richness
  • Easily color customize the icons to match your chart
  • Find the perfect simple background in the image bank
data widgets visme

Dozens of Data Widgets

Visualize Numbers
  • Drag and drop the data widget and insert your values with one click
  • Add your own color schemes and customize the look to fit your content
  • Use the pictograph maker to create charts using icons from our library
chart maker types of charts visme
data widgets icon

16+ Charts and Graphs

Go beyond org charts
  • Choose from dozens of chart types to visualize your data
  • Upload an Excel file with your data or synch to live data from Google Sheets
  • All charts are automatically animated and can be shared online or downloaded

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Making your org chart is free and easy

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Start making your diagram today!

Create your org chart it’s free and super easy there's more!

One easy interface, one learning curve, multiple uses.

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