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Make beautiful invitations in minutes.

Easy-to-use invitation maker. Customize colors, photos and fonts easily. Download as an image file or PDF with bleed marks.

Create your beautiful invitation it's free and super easy.
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An invitation maker for non-designers

Creating an enticing invitation is easier than ever with Visme's invitation maker. Pick from one of the easy-to-customize templates. Add your photos and event information inside the template.

Customize the colors and fonts. Download with one click and either print at home or send to your local printer. Use the default 5” x 7” size or change to your preferred size.

invitation maker customization options visme

Customize your invitation template to match the vision for your event.

Change the fonts and colors to fit the event’s theme. Use a larger font for the title and a smaller font for the information. Remember to include the date, location, and a phone number to RSVP.

The invitation maker conveniently offers you the ability to choose from millions of free images and apply color overlays with a certain opacity, allowing you to place readable text over images.

invitation maker visme

Quick Tips: How to Make a Printable Invitation

  • Note down all the information for your event in a document or piece of paper.
  • To use the Visme Invitation Maker, log in to the Visme dashboard and click on the Printables tab and then the Invitations icon.
  • Choose from one of the many easy-to-use templates. If none are what you need, click on the blank canvas and design from scratch.
  • Insert your photos and graphics or use some from the left-hand panel inside the invitation maker.
  • Use frames to give your images special or interesting shapes.
  • Add your event information: Title, date, location, and a contact number for RSVP.
  • Use the default 5” x 7” invitation size, or change it to whatever size you like by clicking on the hamburger menu on the top left.
  • Download your finished invitation as an image to send via email or print at home.
  • Download as a PDF with bleed marks and send your invitation to the local printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Visme account?

Simply go to and create a free account with just your name and email. Next, click on the Printables category from available content formats and choose the Flyers option to browse all templates.

Can I customize everything inside the invitation templates?

Yes. You can change and customize every section of the invitation templates. The invitation generator lets you design freely to best fit your vision.

How much does it cost to create a printable invitation with the invitation maker?

Designing a printable invitation with Visme is completely free. It is also free to download the invitation as an image file. If you want to download your invitation as a PDF with bleed marks, you will need a Standard Plan.

Can I freely use the photos inside the Visme invitation maker?

All photos and graphics found on the left-hand Graphics panel are free to use for your invitations. You can use the search bar to find exactly what you need.

Can the finished invitation be sent via email as well as printed?

Yes, you can download the invitation as an image file (.jpg or .png) to send via email.

How can I be sure my invitation prints well?

When you download the finished design, do it as a PDF with bleed marks. Also, talk to your printer when you send the file so they can tell you if something needs to be amended. Usual errors are low quality photos or text too close to the margins.

How to use the invitation maker in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Log in to Visme and click Create New to begin a new project. Choose the Printables tab in the dashboard. Click on the Invitations icon and look through the available templates in the invitation maker.

Step 2

Choose the invitation template that best fits your event’s theme, or use a blank canvas. Add your own photos or use one from the left-hand Graphics panel. Customize the fonts and colors with your event information. The default invitation size is 5” x 7” but can be changed easily inside the invitation generator.

Step 3

Download your invitation as a high-quality image to share via email or print at home. Download as a PDF with bleed marks and send to your local printer.


Use the invitation maker to create printable invitations easily.

Choose from one of the easy-to-customize invitation templates. Add your photos and graphics or choose from the left-hand panel. Insert your event’s title, date, and location in the relevant areas. All sections can be customized for location, size, and color. Use frames to give your photos special shapes.


Download and print the invitation easily.

Download your finished invitation from the invitation maker as an image to print at home or send via email. Download it as a PDF with bleed marks and send it to be professionally printed.

invitation template save the date
invitation template concert anniversary
invitation template for wedding
invitation template exhibition architecture

Visme gives you ton of great resources to customize graphics:

photos icons graphic assets visme

Photos and Graphics

Personalize your content
  • Choose from millions of free images for commercial and editorial use
  • Tap into thousands of high-quality vector icons, shapes and graphics
  • Adjust the size of shapes without distorting them and apply your own colors to icons
how to upload your own fonts to visme

Hundreds of Fonts

Add your own style
  • Select from hundreds of the most popular fonts, such as Roboto, Montserrat, Raleway and more
  • Choose from serif, sans serif, script and slab fonts to use across a variety of styles and content types
  • With the Premium version, you can upload your own fonts with the Visme brand kit

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Making your invitation is free and easy

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