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Create Your Histogram It’s free and easy to use.

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Make professional histograms in minutes.

  • – Fully customizable histogram maker.
  • – Start with a premade histogram template.
  • – Save as a content block to add to a project.
  • – Find frequency distributions quickly and easily.
Create Your Histogram It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Histograms in 5 Steps

You can quickly and easily create beautiful and professional histogram charts online with Visme’s easy histogram maker. Find your frequency distribution, add it into the Visme Graph Engine, create your chart and download your design.

  • Log in to your Visme dashboard and create a new project. Choose an infographic, presentation or blank canvas to get started.
  • To use the histogram creator, click on the data icon in the menu on the left. Enter the Graph Engine by clicking the icon of two charts.
  • Since a histogram is always a vertical bar chart, simply choose the bar chart option and input your data, either by hand or by importing a spreadsheet.
  • Edit your design to match your brand or your topic by customizing colors, fonts, photos, icons and more.
  • Share your custom histogram design by downloading, embedding or adding to another project.

Features of the Histogram Maker

Make histograms in minutes with Visme’s free online histogram maker. Take advantage of unique features like animation, premade templates, color coding and more.

Beautiful histogram templates

Don’t stress about creating a histogram from scratch. Choose from one of Visme’s pre-designed histogram templates so that you only need to input your data, adjust the design to match your brand, find relevant icons and photos, and download your creation.

Create Your Histogram

Build your histogram

Visme’s free easy histogram maker has never made the data visualization process easier. Simply compile your results into a spreadsheet, import it or manually type your data into the Graph Engine, and watch your histogram come to life.

Customize every aspect of your histogram to match your project

If you’re trying to visualize the frequency distribution of a piece of data, you’re likely working on a project, conducting a survey or otherwise visualizing statistics. You want your histogram to match your entire project, and this is easy to do with a histogram builder like Visme.

Simply create a histogram, customize it the way you want and easily fit it into the rest of your project, whether it’s a full infographic, a presentation, a report, what have you.

More Great Features of the Histogram Maker

Stunningly premade histogram templates to jumpstart your design
Millions of stock photos and icons to choose from
Input your brand fonts and colors to create branded company content
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Create a histogram, pie chart, line graph, radar chart and more
Download as an image file or add to an existing project

Share Your Histogram

Once you’ve finished your histogram design, you don’t want to just keep it to yourself. Instead, you want to share it with the world, and Visme makes it easy. You can download your histogram in multiple formats, embed it onto your website and even share a live link with your audience.


What is a Histogram?

A histogram is a type of data visualization that demonstrates frequency within a data set. If you’ve gathered survey results or you’re determining how often something occurs, visualizing these numbers in a histogram allows you to easily pinpoint which range has your variable occur most often. Histograms are always depicted as vertical bar charts, as the highest bar indicates the most often something occurs.

Use the histogram maker to visualize frequency.

You will often see the words frequency distribution when talking about a histogram. Let’s say that you’ve sent out a customer survey to your audience, and you’re curious how many people of each age range responded. You can use Visme’s easy histogram calculator to visualize that frequency and determine your most common respondents’ age range.

Create Your Histogram

More Than a Histogram Maker

Make histograms to add into your survey results, reports, infographics and more with Visme’s free easy histogram maker. But don’t just stop there. Add animation and interactivity, color code your results, customize your labels and axes, and more.

Charts and Graphs

  • Select from dozens of graph types, including line, scatter, pie and radar charts
  • Customize anything and everything, from the fonts and colors to icons and photos
  • Automatically animate your charts and let them spring to life for your audience

Create Your Histogram

30+ Data Widgets

  • Visualize your statistics and figures with our easy-to-customize data widgets
  • Insert values with one click or use the slider to insert your numbers
  • Customize the colors and size to fit your content and brand guidelines

Histogram Templates

Ready to construct histograms that you can drag and drop to fit right inside your projects? Get started with one of our premade histogram templates below. Choose from the options available, or click to browse our full selection of graph templates. Input your data and completely customize your chosen template to match your project or brand.


How to Use the Histogram Maker

  • When getting started with Visme’s histogram maker online, your first step is to gather all of your data. Make sure you’ve got your ranges for the x-axis and your frequency for the y-axis.
  • The online histogram maker already has some data examples and premade templates to help jumpstart your design process. If these don’t help, you can always start from scratch.
  • Input your data into the Graph Engine manually, or import it in a Google or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Check the histogram maker’s settings to customize your histogram’s labels and legends.
  • Update the fonts in your customized bar chart to fit your brand style guide or your topic.
  • Color code the bars to fit your style guide. You can also customize the colors of the axis lines and the background.
  • If inserting more than one histogram or other graph types into your project, use the same visual style so that the finished design maintains a unified composition.
  • Download your histogram in an image or PDF file. Embed onto your website or blog to keep the animation and interactivity. Add into other projects to show off your data.

Questions About the Histogram Maker

  • How much does it cost to create a histogram with the histogram maker?

    Creating a histogram with Visme is completely free, as is downloading as a JPEG or embedding onto your website. If you want to download as a high-resolution PDF or interactive HTML, you can upgrade to a Standard plan.

  • Are all the fonts available inside the histogram creator?

    Yes! The Graph Engine has all the fonts available, just like in the editor. Even your Brand Kit fonts. Brand Kits are included in the Standard Plan.

  • Is a histogram just a bar chart?

    While you will use the bar chart editor to create your histogram, a histogram has a much more specific function. Bar charts are used to visualize numbers in different categories of data while histograms are used specifically for visualizing the frequency with which something occurs in a range of data. Your x-axis will always be a range of numbers and your y-axis will always be the frequency your variable occurs.

  • Can I animate histograms with the histogram maker?

    All graphs are automatically animated. If your design is interactive, it will include the animation. You can also choose to turn the animation off.

  • How much data can I add into a histogram?

    You can add up to 40 units of data on the x axis and 50 on the y axis. You can also import live data from Google Sheets.

  • Can I color code my histogram?

    You sure can! You have access to Visme’s color picker inside the histogram creator, giving you the freedom to choose from any color you can find. You can also add in specific hex codes to match your brand.


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