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Free Dichotomous
Key Maker
for Intuitive Flowcharts

  • – Easy-to-use dichotomous key maker.
  • – Easily connect shapes and line groups.
  • – Personalize colors, fonts and styles.
Create Your Dichotomous Key It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Simple Dichotomous Keys in 5 Steps

Dichotomous keys are a type of flowchart that help identify a conclusion with two possible answers. The shapes and lines flow in a succession of yes and no questions until a final answer is reached. Easily add lines and shapes to continue the flow. Download as a digital infographic or printable document.

  • Log into your Visme dashboard and create a new project. Choose a dichotomous key template or a flowchart block to get started.
  • Begin the flow at the top with one question in one large shape.
  • Click on the first shape and add a group of two lines and two shapes, one for “yes” and the other for “no”.
  • Continue adding lines and shapes with new questions and then “yes” or “no” until you get to the end. Personalize the colors and fonts.
  • Make your dichotomous key public or private to share online or download as a PDF or high-resolution image file.

Features of the Dichotomous Key Maker

Create an intuitive dichotomous key with the Visme flowchart maker right inside the dashboard. Choose from a selection of shape styles to build a flow of yes and no questions to get to a solution.

Customizable dichotomous key templates

Do you want to save time when creating your dichotomous key? Get a head start with one of Visme’s professionally designed templates. Simply switch out the questions and answers for yours and personalize the colors and fonts.

Create Your Dichotomous Key

Build your dichotomous key

Using Visme’s fully customizable flowchart and dichotomous key maker, you’ll find it easy to create a dichotomous key for any project. Create a dichotomous key as a stand alone infographic or include it in a presentation or pdf document.

Personalize every aspect of your dichotomous key to match your vision

The Visme free dichotomous key maker not only offers a selection of professional templates, it also allows you to customize and personalize every single aspect of it. Choose a shape style for questions and another for answers or keep them all the same. Use your favorite fonts and colors or one of the available color themes.

More Great Features of the Dichotomous Key Maker

Free dichotomous key templates to get you started quickly
Rich variety of flowchart line and shape styles to choose from
Personalize the colors and fonts of the shapes to match your brand
Easy and intuitive flowchart creator for dichotomous keys
Stretchable infographic sizing for free creative reign
Download as an image file or embed on your website

Share Your Dichotomous Key

When your dichotomous key design is finished, it’s time to share it! Visme offers several sharing options for all your design projects. Like image downloads, interactive embeds, digital PDFs or shareable links. Easily password protect or make private to share only with a selected audience.


What is a Dichotomous Key?

The term dichotomous means a branching in two directions. A dichotomous key is a flowchart that branches off in bilateral sections until it reaches a final answer or conclusion. A dichotomous key can be used in science education or to help reach a conclusion with the help of yes or no questions.

Use the dichotomous key maker to arrive at a conclusion.

The dichotomous key maker is available inside the Visme editor with the help of the free flowchart maker. Select one of the professionally designed templates, select a starter block or start from scratch. Personalize the shape styles, colors and fonts to match your vision. Share easily with a link online or as an image file.

Create Your Dichotomous Key

More Than a Dichotomous Key Maker

Create scientific, educational or conceptual dichotomous keys with Visme’s easy dichotomous key maker. Use the flowchart tool to build a dichotomous key with shapes and lines that stem bilaterally from each other until a conclusion is reached.

Custom Dichotomous Key Elements

  • Select your favorite shapes and line styles to create the flow
  • Personalize the colors according to question, concept or order
  • Add your dichotomous key to any project in your Visme dashboard

Create Your Dichotomous Key

Easy-to-Resize Infographic Templates

  • Don’t worry about the length of your dichotomous key
  • Simply pull on the adjustable length tab in the editor
  • Make your dichotomous keys are short or as long as you want

Dichotomous Key Templates

Design dichotomous keys easily and quickly with Visme’s professionally designed templates. Create a classification tool for your science students or a decision flow for an informative blog post. Personalize the shapes’ colors and styles easily and customize the fonts.


How to Use the Dichotomous Key Maker

  • Before you even start with your flowchart design, it’s a good idea to sketch an outline of your dichotomous key with the questions and flow.
  • Click on the blue Create button on this page, browse our templates and select your favorite one to get started.
  • To create from scratch instead, open a new design or an existing project. Inside the editor, click on the Data tab on the left-hand panel and choose the flowchart maker.
  • Once you’ve chosen a template, or you’ve created a blank canvas, start inputting your content into the flowchart sections.
  • Adjust the shape and line design in your template to create the look and feel you want for your dichotomous key.
  • Create the flow with the bilateral lines and shapes, alternately adding the yes/no options and content prompts.
  • Customize the color and style of the shapes to create a balanced visual flow. Personalize the font style, size and color according to your vision.
  • If you want, add descriptive popups to the shapes with the “actions” button in the menu to create an interactive dichotomous key you can embed on your website or LMS.
  • Download your dichotomous key as a high resolution image or share as an interactive design with a shareable link. You can also embed it on your site with a snippet of code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the use of a dichotomous key?

    Dichotomous keys are used in education settings to teach classification of species and as classification tools in experiments and research. They can also be used in content marketing to explain specific ideas and to answer questions that people might need help with.

  • How much does it cost to design a dichotomous key with the dichotomous key maker?

    It’s 100% free to design personalized dichotomous keys with Visme. You can add a dichotomous to any project or create it on its own. Download it as an image file for free. If you want to download it as a printable PDF, or as an interactive HTML5 file, upgrade to a Standard Plan.

  • Can I personalize a dichotomous key template?

    Yes of course! Every shape, line, color, font and background in our dichotomous key templates are customizable. Use our color themes or provided fonts or use your Brand Kit to create a branded dichotomous key.

  • Can I create an interactive dichotomous key with the free dichotomous key maker?

    Absolutely. You can add popups or links to any of the sections in your dichotomous key. Use popups in the flow to offer a longer description and a link at the end to offer a read more option.

  • Are dichotomous keys only used for educational purposes?

    Even though dichotomous keys are known for their classification purposes in the scientific and educational space, they are also great for content writers looking for a different way of visualizing an article or blog post.

  • Is there a size limit for dichotomous keys in Visme?

    Not at all! The best way to create a dichotomous key in Visme is to use the infographic editor. This option offers an intuitive length extender that will match your content perfectly.


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