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Visme vs. Ceros

Create engaging interactive experiences your audience will love.

  • No extensive training & on-boarding
  • All the power of Ceros and more, at a fraction of the cost
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
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Add interactive pop-ups, hover effects and animated icons.

  • Increase interest and engagement on your design with advanced design elements.
  • Draw the eye to specific content on the design to help your audience more easily digest the information.


Embed polls, quizzes and forms.

  • Drop online content onto your design to collect data and engage with your audience.
  • Use an iFrame to place surveys and quizzes right on your design and allow your audience to participate in the content experience.


Accelerate your content creation process.

  • Move forward without waiting for internal design resources.
  • Visme’s intuitive and simple interface allows anyone to create impressive interactive content.

Create Content Experiences That Wow

While Ceros has made a name in the interactivity space, did you know that you can create similar types of interactive experiences with Visme? From non-linear presentations to interactive infographics and more, check out everything you can create using Visme’s powerful visual content creation tool. Plus, enjoy more flexibility on plans and pricing than Ceros.

  • Visme is not just a graphic design tool.

    Users can create powerful presentations, data visualizations, interactive online content and more. Incorporate pop-up elements, embed media and allow your audience to interact with your content.

  • Collaborate with your team.

    Take advantage of Visme’s built-in commenting, sharing and collaboration tools to seamlessly share and receive feedback while creating interactive experiences for your audience.

  • Visme offers hundreds of interactive and animated assets.

    Create interactive pop-ups or hover effects, add animated icons and illustrations, incorporate video backgrounds, link pages together and more.

  • Embed external content to further improve your interactive experience.

    Embed iframes and HTML content like sign up forms, quizzes, videos, podcasts, audio clips and more inside your Visme project.

  • Share your content in a multitude of different formats.

    Host your project with Visme and share an online link or embed it onto a webpage for your audience to enjoy and interact with. You can also download as a PDF, PPTX, HTML5 and more.

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visme text video embed

Visme Features You’ll Love

Professionally designed templates to start your designs off on the right foot

Popular font library to find the perfect style for your content design and brand

Millions of fully customizable icons, animated graphics and photos to choose from

Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind

Charts, graphs and other customizable data widgets to visualize numbers

Download, embed on a webpage or generate a shareable online link

Visme certified for everyone

One tool to rule them all

More Than a Design Tool

Create presentations, infographics, reports, maps and more with interactive elements and animations that your audience will enjoy. Plus, Visme’s easy-to-use design interface will allow your team to create their own designs and accelerate the overall content creation process.


Animated Illustrations, Characters, and Gestures

  • Browse our beautiful animated illustrations and characters exclusive to Visme.
  • Bring a human interactions to your designs with gestures and characters.

  • Insert fully animated illustrations to add life to your designs.

  • Fully customize every color within the illustrations.


Charts, Data Widgets and Diagrams

  • 20+ types of animated and interactive charts and graphs
  • Dozens of data widgets to visualize numbers and values
  • Easy-to-use mind mapping and flowchart creation tools

Browse Our Templates

Visme offers thousands of templates across dozens of content categories. Get started browsing through Visme’s full template library by checking out our most popular templates below. Search more templates to find exactly what you want to create.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to create a Visme account? We have a variety of plan types to suit the needs of our customers starting at $25/month for business plans. Schedule a demo today and we will help you identify which plan would be best for you.
  • How many types of content can I create with Visme? There are more than 40 different categories of templates that you can choose from, meaning you have a full range of visual content options with Visme.
  • Can I upload my own fonts? You sure can! Creating a Brand Kit allows you to save your brand colors, fonts and logos for easy access. You can also save branded templates to your library. To have a Brand Kit you need to upgrade to a Standard Plan.
  • Are the templates completely customizable? Yes! All templates are infinitely customizable. Plus, you can upload your own images and graphics if you don’t want to use the ones provided in the left-hand panel of the editor. You can even match our templates to your brand colors if you have a Brand Kit set up!
  • Can I create any type of chart with Visme? Literally any type of chart. We have 2D charts, 3D charts, line charts, radar charts, flowcharts, stacked charts, scatter plots, dual-axis charts and so much more.
  • Are there icons and photos available for commercial use? You bet. Visme has millions of stock photos and thousands of customizable vector icons for you to add into your designs. There is also an entire library of hand-picked stock photos to add to the background of your designs. These are licensed for both personal and commercial use.

Your secret tool for a Visual Age.

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