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Free Slideshow Maker for Beautiful Photo Slideshows

Create Your Slideshow It’s free and easy to use..
A slideshow template available in Visme.
  • Drag-and-drop online slideshow maker for photo and video memories.
  • Add music, audio or voiceover easily to your photo slideshow.
  • Download as an MP4 video and share online or embed to a web page.

Chosen by brands large and small

Our slideshow maker is used by over 10,209,854 marketers, communicators, executives and educators from over 120 countries that include:

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Slideshow Templates

Get a kickstart on your slideshow by choosing one of our free slideshow templates. Simply switch out the placeholder images with your own. Duplicate slides if you need more to add more images. Our templates come equipped with staggering transitions.

Features of the Slideshow Maker

Create online photo slideshows easily with Visme’s slideshow creator. Tap into thousands of design elements to make your slideshow unique.

Beautiful slideshow templates

Use a slideshow template or a blank canvas to create your memorable photo slideshow. Add colorful backgrounds, animated graphics and plenty of design elements to personalize the slides to tell your story.

Create Your Slideshow
A selection of slideshow templates available in Visme.

Build your slideshow

Customize your photos and images with the crop tool to resize them. Add them into frames to create unique shapes and compositions. Add color overlays and filters to personalize the look and feel of the images.

Create Your Slideshow
Images and photo editing options available in Visme's slideshow maker.

Customize every aspect of your slideshow with images and background music

You can create a slideshow with or without background music and narration. Visme has a collection of varied music styles but you can also add a custom track. Add a narration to tell a story to go along with your photo slideshow. Download as an MP4 video.

Icons, fonts and download options in Visme.

More Great Features of the Slideshow Maker

  • template-many Template library with hundreds of pre-made slides to choose from
  • icon-photos Frames and filters to personalize your images as you wish
  • fonts Use any of the available fonts or upload your own
  • drag-drop Insert design elements to personalize the slideshow and animate them
  • customize Add background music or a personalized narration
  • download-upload Download as a video and share with your audience
An illustration of the sharing options for your slideshow.

Share Your Slideshow

Once your photo slideshow is ready you can share it a number of different ways. Download as a video, publish it to the web and share it with a link or embed it to your website. You can password-protect your slideshow if you need to make it private. Use the analytics feature to know how many times it’s been watched.


What is a Slideshow?

A slideshow is a collection of slides with photos that tell a story. The final video can have customized background music or a personalized narration. Slideshows are great for sharing a story or to keep memories alive.

Slideshow is also another term for presentations, which you can also easily create in Visme. Start with the slides you need to customize for your final product.

Create Your Slideshow
A selection of slideshow templates available in Visme.

Use the slideshow maker to create your own slideshow with music for free.

Select one of the free online slideshow templates or start with a blank canvas. Switch the placeholder images for your own and add your own descriptive text. Animate elements and add background music, then download as a video.


More Than a Slideshow Maker

Easily create photo slideshows with your images or with any of ours. With the help of all sorts of design elements, you can create a memorable slideshow. Add shapes, characters, text, and animations to your slides.

Animation & Interactivity

Create animated & interactive presentations with popup and rollover effects that allow your viewer to interact with your design to see more information.

Stock Photos & Graphics

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to create an engaging slideshow design.

Charts & Graphs

Share data, statistics, simple numbers and more in your slides with Visme’s easy-to-use charts, graphs and other data widgets.


How to Use the Slideshow Maker

  • Click on the ‘create’ button on this page to enter the slideshow creator. Choose a template or start with a blank canvas.
  • Upload your images to your canvas one by one or as a group to your library. When adding the images, select to either add it as a background or as a standalone element on the slide.
  • Use the filter feature to add color overlays and creative filters to your images. Add frames to give the images unique shapes.
  • Select a font or two from over a hundred fonts. Use one with different styles for titles and text or create a font pairing.
  • Choose a color theme from the left-hand tab to color customize all the slides at once. If you don’t like any color themes, change the colors with the color picker in the top menu.
  • Select icons, illustrations, shapes, and lines to organize the content visually.
  • Add music to your slideshow by selecting a track from the library or upload your own.
  • Publish your slideshow as an MP4 file, publish to the web or embed the slideshow on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to use the slideshow maker?

It’s totally free to make a slideshow with Visme. All backgrounds, textures and gradients are free to use as are a collection of music tracks.

Are there any music tracks to choose from?

Yes, there is a selection of music tracks to add to your slideshow. You can also upload your own music.

Can I edit my photos with filters?

Visme has plenty of tools to edit your photos. You can crop and frame the photos as well as apply filters and color overlays.

How many fonts can I choose from?

There are over 100 fonts inside the slideshow maker. All are free to use and can be paired up with each other. You can also upload your own and keep it in your brand kit.

Can I animate my slideshow?

Everything in your slideshow can be animated. All Visme slideshows come with a default transition animation but you can add animation to any other elements as well.

Can I visualize data in my slideshow?

Yes, there are plenty of graphs, charts, and infographic visuals ready to be filled with your data.