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Make custom YouTube outros in minutes.

  • – Easy to animate YouTube outro maker.
  • – Choose from a variety of animated templates.
  • – Add to the end of your videos easily.
Create Your Outro It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make YouTube Outros in 5 Steps

YouTube outros are essential for closing a video in a memorable way. With Visme’s YouTube outro maker you can create custom animated outros that fit seamlessly with the YouTube end screens. Follow these steps to make your own.

  • Click on the blue Create button on this page to enter the outro maker.
  • Choose one of the animated outro templates and click to edit.
  • Customize the background to match your brand.
  • Add your brand assets and personalized text.
  • Download as an MP4 video file and add it to the end of your videos.

Features of the Outro Maker

Design professional animated outros to add to the end of your videos. Visme’s online outro maker is packed with easy to use drag and drop features to help you create great designs even without design experience.

Animated outro templates

Are you looking for professional-looking outros that will look great at the end of your videos with or without a YouTube end screen? Visme’s fully customizable animated outro templates are exactly what you need. Select your favorite template and get started.

Create Your Outro

Design your YouTube outro

Visme has everything you need to create the perfect outro for your videos. Choose from a selection of animated characters, icons, and illustrations. Plus plenty of free images and professional fonts.

Customize every aspect of your outro to match your brand

It’s easy to make your animated outro fit with your brand and YouTube channel. Simply change the colors, fonts and elements following your brand guidelines.

More Great Features of the Outro Maker

Engaging and memorable animated outro templates
Easy to customize design elements like icons, colors and fonts
Animated elements to bring your outro to life
Easy to personalize to match your video intro
Add animated characters to highlight a call to action
Perfect length for adding YouTube end screens

Share Your YouTube Outro

Personalized outros are the perfect solution to end a video the right way. Let your viewers know more about you and your brand, recommend more videos, and add a call to action to subscribe to your channel. Easily download your outro as a video file and edit it into your final video.


What is an Outro?

An outro is a short video clip that is added to the end of a video. Its purpose is to thank the viewer for watching and offering important information about the YouTube channel. Visme outros can be animated or static and used with or without a YouTube end screen.

Use the outro creator to give value to your videos.

Visme’s outro creator has a variety of animated outro design templates ready for any type of video. They are designed with the perfect layout to use with YouTube end screens and are just the right length. Customize our outro templates to fit your intro, brand and YouTube channel easily and seamlessly.

Create Your Outro

More Than an Outro Maker

Visme’s drag-and-drop outro maker makes it easy to create animated outros with ease. Learn more about the online outro creator’s features.

Video Library

  • Choose from hundreds of free video clips to add as a background
  • Trim and edit the video to the length of your outro
  • Sign up for a premium plan to upload your own videos

Create Your Outro

Animated Characters and Icons

  • Add animated characters to give life to your outro
  • Select from hundreds of customizable animated icons
  • Add animated effects however you like

Outro Templates

Visme’s drag-and-drop outro creator has a varied selection of professionally animated templates. These templates have just the right layout for adding YouTube end screens and any information for your viewers. Personalize the colors, fonts and elements to fit your brand and YouTube channel. Download as an MP4 and add to all your videos.


How to Use the Outro Maker

  • Log into your Visme editor and use the search bar to find our professionally designed outro templates.
  • Choose the outro template you like best or that best fits your industry and video type, and click to edit.
  • Upload your own video or browse Visme’s stock video library to find the perfect video background for your outro.
  • Use the built-in video controls to trim the background video to perfectly match the outro length.
  • Add in all of your brand content and information for your viewers, like your channel title, social media handles, website and more.
  • Be sure to leave enough space in your outro so you can add in YouTube end screen elements and further promote your channel.
  • Add a music clip from the audio byte library or create your own voiceover asking viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • Download your outro as an MP4 file and add to the end of all of your YouTube videos that you create to strengthen your brand.
  • Before publishing your videos on YouTube, add an end screen and place the elements – like videos to watch next – in the desired space.

Questions About the Outro Maker

  • How much does it cost to use the outro maker?

    Creating an animated outro with Visme is 100% free. To upload your own video clips, you’ll need at least a Complete plan.

  • Can I upload my video clips into the online outro maker?

    Yes. You’re able to upload your own short video clips to use in your outro. But you’ll need at least a Complete plan. Otherwise, you can select from thousands of free video clips inside the editor.

  • Are the outro templates animated?

    Yes, all outro templates are animated. You can also create a static outro but we recommend you use an animated one for more impact.

  • Can I add audio or a voiceover to my outro?

    Yes, you can add music or a voiceover easily. Visme has lots of audio clips to choose from and you can upload an MP3 file. To record a voiceover, use the voiceover tool inside the editor.

  • Will I be able to use a Visme outro with a YouTube end screen?

    Yes, our custom outro templates are designed to fit perfectly with the YouTube end screen. We do recommend you browse the YouTube end screens first to double-check the safe areas.

  • Can I use my Visme outros with my videos made with Visme?

    If you have a Complete plan, yes! After downloading the outro to your computer simply upload it to your video library and you’ll have it available for all your videos made with Visme.


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