Create Your Letterhead It’s free and easy to use.

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Make professional letterheads in minutes.

  • – Professional letterhead maker.
  • – Print ready letterhead templates.
  • – Design a custom letterhead for your brand.
Create Your Letterhead It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Letterheads in 5 Steps

Business correspondence needs to be branded. That’s why you need a professional looking letterhead. Create your own print ready letterhead using Visme’s templates. Follow these easy steps to create your letterhead in no time.

  • Log into Visme and select a letterhead template.
  • Insert your brand logo in the placeholder.
  • Input your business name and contact info in the placeholders.
  • Make sure the letterhead is not too close to the edges of the page.
  • Download your letterhead as a PDF and print.

Features of the Letterhead Maker

Create your own branded letterhead and send unforgettable correspondence with Visme’s letterhead maker app. Learn more about the available features.

Professional letterhead templates

Are you tired of sending out boring letters and correspondence? Visme’s outstanding letterhead designs will help you stand out from the rest. Select a template that matches your brand’s visual message and start customizing.

Create Your Letterhead

Build your letterhead

Design your branded letterhead easily by simply inserting your brand logo and information in the spaces provided. Resize your logo image to fit neatly in the placeholder and don’t forget your updated contact information.

Customize every aspect of your letterhead to match your brand

Use your brand fonts and colors to customize the letterhead template. Visme’s free letterhead design templates are ready to print, all you have to do is make it match your brand. Use your brand color palettes to the letterhead design using the editing dashboard inside your editor. Personalize the size of the icons and fonts to fit your message.

More Great Features of the Letterhead Maker

Outstanding professional letterhead templates to select from
Ready to print designs in optimal quality and design
Thousands of icons to personalize your letterhead
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Practical sizing features to adjust your logo perfectly in the design
Download as an 8.5” x 11” page and print as many copies as you need

Share Your Letterhead

Visme’s letterhead maker is print ready. Paste letter content into your letterhead in Visme and print in color. Alternatively, download your letterhead as a PDF and send it to your local printer for a large batch of ready-to-go letterheads. The option is yours. Visme makes it easy for you in either circumstance.


What is a Letterhead?

A letterhead is a full page design for branded printed correspondence. It generally includes the company logo, an eye-catching design and the company’s contact information. Visme letterhead designs can be used to write letters inside Visme or as templates to print out empty batches for your office.

Use the letterhead maker to personalize your correspondence.

Never send another drab letter in the mail again. With Visme you can create custom letterhead designs that showcase your brand in a professional and creative way. Tap into the Visme icon library for an added visual value along with your company information.

Create Your Letterhead

More Than a Letterhead Maker

Visme’s free online letterhead designer helps you stay on brand beyond digital assets. The ready-print letterhead templates will revolutionize your correspondence.

Font Library

  • Upload your brand font easily into the Visme Brand Kit
  • Choose a secondary font from the extensive font library
  • Customize font size, color and style with the practical font editor

Create Your Letterhead

Icons and Illustrations

  • Find the perfect icons to add a visual edge to your letterhead
  • Go beyond the standard and create an outstanding illustrated letterhead
  • Add shapes, lines and separators to frame your letter content

Letterhead Templates

Visme’s letterhead template library is full of ready-to-print designs that are easy to customize with your brand assets. Customize a letterhead with your brand logo, fonts and colors to create a unique reusable template for your company correspondence.

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How to Use the Letterhead Maker

  • The easiest way to access the letterhead maker is to click on the blue Create button at the bottom of this page.
  • You can also log into your Visme account and click Create in the left sidebar to access the templates in the editor.
  • Once there, type “letterheads” into the search bar and browse all the ready-to-print templates in the library.
  • Select your favorite letterhead template and get started creating an unforgettable branded letterhead.
  • Replace the logo placeholder with your own brand logo and resize it until it perfectly fits in the space. Make sure to give it room to breathe.
  • Input your own company information in the placeholders and change the fonts used to your own brand fonts. You can easily upload these and store them in your Brand Kit.
  • Change the color of the shapes and separators to your own brand colors and adjust as needed. Set your primary and/or secondary colors in your Brand Kit.
  • Keep or change the icons in the information section so it matches your brand. You’ll find plenty of icons in the left bar.
  • Insert your letter content and print, or download as a PDF and send to your local printer. Order a bundle of empty branded letterhead to have in the office ready to use.

Questions About the Letterhead Maker

  • How much does it cost to create a letterhead with the letterhead maker?

    It’s 100% free to create your letterhead with Visme. Download easily to print with or without letter content. To download as a high-resolution PDF file, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

  • Does the letterhead creator have different styles of templates?

    The Visme letterhead templates are available for a variety of industries. You’ll be able to easily find one that suits your brand. If not, everything is customizable! Let us know if there are any different styles you’d like us to create.

  • Are the letterhead templates easy to personalize?

    Yes! All our templates are easy to customize and personalize. Simple change the placeholder content for your own and you’re ready to go!

  • Can I print my letterhead from Visme?

    You’d need to download it as a full size PDF first. You have the option of pasting letter content into your dashboard or printing it out empty for your entire office to use on demand.

  • What if I need less colors in my letterhead design?

    That’s fine! You can take a template with many colors and simply remove the parts that don’t fit your brand. If you need a more sober design, simply keep your logo and company information and take out all the extra.

  • What size are the letterhead templates?

    Our ready-to-print letterhead templates are letter size / 8.5”x11”. The designs are full-page and can be printed easily on your printer. Either input the letter content inside the editor and print as you go, or download an empty letterhead PDF and send it to your local printer to get a bundle.


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