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Senior Marketing Manager

Full Time - Remote

With over 8 million users from more than 120 countries worldwide, we are looking to take our SaaS tool to the next level of growth, fueled by high-quality, stand-out marketing initiatives that will position Visme as a voice and brand leader among marketers, designers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators.

Visme is seeking a talented and highly experienced Senior Marketing Manager to join our team and play a vital role to plan, implement, and optimize our growth marketing strategy to scale. You will focus on creating, managing, and executing new (and refine existing) avenues and work directly with the CEO to measure and analyze strategies.

Your goal is to help refine marketing towards our target audience and attract more power users in each segment of the market (enterprise, SMBs, education, and individuals), make sure they have an awesome user journey, maximize paid conversions, and improve user retention.  This role requires a deep understanding of online marketing and a proven track record (prior experience) with online brand(s) in particular with a SaaS product.

Seems like too much handle? Then perhaps you’re not the right fit.

Insights from the top

This role is the right fit if:

  • You have successfully implemented and scaled product marketing strategies at a SaaS platform with millions of users
  • Data-driven and results focussed. Must have prior experience with both quantitative and qualitative data — tracking, measuring and evaluating outcomes to demonstrate impact. 
  • You’re an experienced content marketer, know on-page and off-page SEO in and out. We’re an exclusively inbound company.
  • You’ve extensively used the latest software tools such as Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Zapier, Pipedrive, and Zendesk.
  • You’re well-versed in paid advertising on various platforms. Know how not to rely on them but use them to your advantage at times.
  • You have experience launching SaaS products globally, and driving campaigns, communications, and go-to-market initiatives
  • Ability to think strategically (beyond just the moment), and synthesize all available information to come up with solutions with tangible impact.
  • You have a great eye for design and copy and how the two play together in order to achieve great campaigns.
  • You’re a hustler, this is not a 9-5 job. You’re a natural salesperson and know how to hit the right message for the right audience.

Things you’ll be doing

  • Managing and optimizing all communications with users through email, in-app, and paid ads
  • Coordinating with internal product teams, design, SEO, customer support, and PR & communications for product releases and announcements
  • Developing a comprehensive overview of the user journey and identify opportunities for optimizations at each step
  • Identify opportunities for increasing paid conversions and potential upselling of existing customers
  • Identifying common churn factors and optimizing retention strategies through other marketing channels and/or within the product
  • Optimizing the onboarding and training process of users in each segment of the market (enterprise, SMBs, education, and individuals)
  • Develop and grow Visme’s referral program to drive adoption of Visme within teams and organizations

Your qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or Communications or a related field
  • At least 4 real-world experience with a proven track record
  • Experience leading/coordinating with team members
  • Experience with WordPress, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Google Adwords and other paid media
  • Experience working with a remote team


3 factors heavily weigh in our hiring decision for this position are:

  • Prior experience with growth and online marketing with online brands.
  • Highly dependable individual looking for long-term career opportunities.
  • Ability to solve challenging marketing problems through high-quality long-form content.

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