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Senior Full Stack Engineer

Full Time - Remote

Visme has an opening for a highly motivated full-stack web application engineer to work with our team to support our growing application needs.

This position requires at least 4 years of real-life experience and deep understanding of Java, Kotlin, PHP/MySQL as well experience with Javascript frameworks (React, Vue or Angular).

Insights from the top

To be a fit for this position you need to:

Love to Code. You have experience in back-end and front-end technologies. You love to take raw ideas and build great products with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You know JavaScript isn’t perfect, but you embrace its functionality and have a passion for coding with it.  But you also have strengths in back-end technologies (PHP/MySQL) and know your way around Server Side (you’re comfortable with SSH and familiar with AWS infrastructure).   But most of the time you just want to write simple code and ship new products and features to customers (or improve existing ones).

You love to be challenged. You respect processes but it’s also why you don’t like corporate structure.  You want to be a part of a start-up that is nimble but stable, innovative but not too risky, you want to be able to contribute and not just follow the standards and copy what everyone else is doing.

You love great UX. Afterall we are Visme: A visual design tool, so clean and aesthetic design and user experience is imperative to Visme.  Although you spend most of your time coding, but you also have an eye for great design and a feel for great UX. Beautiful UI helps weave your code into an impeccable experience for the user.  In short, you care about more than just the code but the entire product and process.

You want to help others. You want to share your knowledge with the rest of your team, building shared tooling for other engineers, and even directly helping customers when the need arises.

You love learning new things. If you don’t know it, you wanna learn it.  Part of your R&R time is to research new tech and driving forward your knowledge, always moving to figure things out and improve your experience. Your focus is on frontend JavaScript code, but you also are comfortable with shell scripts, back-end technologies and want to strengthen yourself as Full-Stack.

You can balance lots of concerns. Visme is a SPA, as with any Frontend apps you have to take into account performance (using networks and devices that we can’t control), customer demands, UX research, A/B tests, code quality, our rapidly changing ecosystem of modules, etc..  You are able to effectively manage your time. You can balance those demands without getting overwhelmed and keep the needle moving forward.  At the end of the day, we also ship products too.

Things you’ll be doing

  • Research, guide, and execute system architecture changes, including but by no means limited to, server-side React rendering, and back-end optimization
  • Development and maintenance of editor and dashboard based application (SPA)
  • Perform back-end work including developing server-side logic.
  • Measure, detect and alleviate performance bottlenecks, using tools like Chrome dev tools
  • Work closely with our product, design, and UX teams to create amazing and intuitive experiences that make it effortless to connect different apps together.
  • Review code written by other team members.
  • Work closely with other senior members to oversee and manage our development team and engineering process.
  • Help put tools, processes, and documentation in place to improve our code quality.
  • Perform requirement analysis, structure design, program implementation, system integration/testing.
  • Dev Ops on AWS utilizing EWC, RDS, S3 and related cloud solutions on AWS.
  • Ship to our large user base weekly while having lots of autonomy in terms of code and feature ownership.
  • Share what you know and learn either one-on-one or with lightning talks to the group.
  • Experiment: We are changing the landscape of visual communication and this means we strive to innovate and finds new and better ways to propel our product and offerings.

Acts as a subject matter expert for assigned applications, systems, and technologies and with limited supervision, perform expert programming, configuring, and/or analysis. Manage the effective use of team resources to implement ongoing projects, enhancements, and/or initiatives. Participates in the design/development process. Lead investigation and resolution efforts for critical/high impact problems, defects and incidents and provide technical guidance to team members.

Your qualifications

  • Education is a plus but real-life experience is even a bigger factor in our decision process:
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (Master’s preferred)
  • You have at least 4+ years of hands-on experience working on large complex applications.
  • Working knowledge: Javascript, CSS/HTML
  • You have prior experience with PHP/MySQL. (Java is a plus)
  • Prior experience with AWS or similar cloud technologies, LAMP stack
  • Prior experience with API integrations
  • Very comfortable working with SSH
  • At least intermediate of security best practices at server level.

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