Create Your Facebook Cover Photo It’s free and easy to use.

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Make custom Facebook cover photos in minutes.

  • – Easy-to-customize Facebook cover photo maker.
  • – Apply your own font styles, illustrations and colors.
  • – Download as a high-resolution PNG or JPG.
Create Your Facebook Cover Photo It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Facebook Cover Photos in 5 Steps

Visme allows you to create amazing Facebook covers to grow and develop your brand. Without any coding or graphic design knowledge you can create Facebook banners that amplify your message.

  • Log in to your Visme account and click on the Social Graphics tab on the dashboard.
  • Scroll left through the icons and tap on the Facebook icon to find a template.
  • Customize the cover photo with thousands of searchable images, icons, shapes and illustrations.
  • Use the editor’s color wheel to settle on a color theme for your photo.
  • Download the cover photo as a high-resolution image and upload it to your page.

Features of the Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Design stunning Facebook cover photos quickly and easily with Visme’s free Facebook cover photo maker. The cover maker is equipped with endless visual media elements, illustrations and more.

Beautiful Facebook cover photo templates

Get started with the Facebook cover maker by choosing from our free Facebook cover templates. These templates make the creative process simple. All of Visme’s templates are 100% customizable to fit your own creative vision.

Create Your Facebook Cover Photo

Build your Facebook cover photo

Visme’s Facebook cover photo maker is a great tool to enhance your social media strategy. Start with a template, add your unique branding, incorporate visuals and finalize your design.

Customize every aspect of your Facebook cover photo with your brand’s style

When it comes to a high quality social media strategy, staying on brand is crucial. Visme makes it easy to create professional-looking cover photos by adding your unique brand colors and fonts. Use the color wheel to keep your Facebook profile uniform across your online presence.

More Great Features of the Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Custom library of Facebook cover photo templates to jumpstart your design
Add in your own branded fonts and colors to create a unique design
Pick from our thousands of illustrations, icons and photos
Use our simple drag-and-drop tools for non-designers to customize content
Beautiful, free fonts to incorporate into your social media strategy
Easily edit and download your social media cover photo

Share Your Facebook Cover Photo

As soon as you finish your stunning Facebook cover photo, it’s easy to share as part of your social media strategy. Download the finished product as a PNG or JPG and upload to your profile. Once your high resolution image is uploaded to Facebook, you can get started growing your page!


What is a Facebook Cover Photo?

A Facebook cover photo is an image on a Facebook page. Unlike the typical profile picture, covers are large banners at the top of your profile. These cover photos play an important role by introducing your audience to your brand's Facebook presence.

Use the Facebook cover photo maker to design prize-worthy photos quickly and easily.

Select one of Visme’s free Facebook cover templates to create amazing Facebook covers. Visme offers free access to images and icons, so you can add them to your Facebook cover photo. Additionally, we offer a variety of graphic assets and fonts to help finalize your design.

Create Your Facebook Cover Photo

More Than a Facebook Cover Photo Maker

It’s easy to create stunning Facebook cover photos free with Visme. With our endless graphic elements and a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can design a Facebook cover photo with ease.

Photos and Graphics

  • Choose from an endless supply of professional stock photos, free for commercial or editorial use
  • Select from thousands of free graphics, such as icons, shapes and lines
  • Easily adjust the size of graphics without distortion and change their color schemes

Create Your Facebook Cover Photo

125+ Free Fonts

  • Select from hundreds of free, popular fonts for commercial and personal use
  • Choose from serif, sans serif, slab, display and script fonts
  • Upload your own fonts using the Visme Brand Kit

Facebook Cover Photo Templates

There’s no need to waste time creating your Facebook cover photos from scratch. Using one of Visme’s pre-designed templates helps you take advantage of a design with everything in place. Check out our huge selection of Facebook cover templates to find the one that matches your needs.


How to Use the Facebook Cover Photo Maker

  • Brainstorm some ideas about what you want your banner to look like. Is it for a promotion, a sale, a holiday greeting or a fun quote?
  • Have all your information ready on a sheet of paper or a document on your computer before starting, then log in to Visme and click on the social graphics tab in the dashboard.
  • Enter the Facebook cover photo maker by clicking on the blue Facebook icon on the far left.
  • Choose the cover photo tab and scroll through the many templates from sale specials, holiday celebrations, and international hashtag holidays.
  • Once you’ve selected a template to work with, click on the blue “use this” button to access it. Templates in the Facebook cover photo maker are fully customizable – every single element can be changed to match your vision.
  • To change the images, you can either search through the photo library on the left-hand tab or upload your own. Visme will keep all the images you use in a media library for future use.
  • Customize the fonts easily with the fonts tab. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from. If you still can’t find the one that fits, you can upload your own and keep it in your Brand Kit.
  • Adjust the colors in your cover photo with the theme colors tab or customize them one by one. If you have a branded color palette, you can also use that as well. Use the built-in grid to align elements neatly.
  • Once your Facebook cover photo is finished and ready to go, click on the download button and choose the high-resolution image option.

Questions About the Facebook Cover Photo Maker

  • How much does it cost to use the Facebook cover photo maker?

    You can create free Facebook cover photos with Visme. Downloading it as a JPEG photo is also free, but you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan to download it as a PNG.

  • Can every element in the cover templates be customized?

    Yes! There are templates in all sorts of themes like holidays, celebrations, promotions and quotes. All are free to use at any time and can be completely customized from top to bottom.

  • Are there lots of templates in the Facebook cover photo maker?

    Yes! The templates are there to support you. Under no circumstances should they limit your creative vision.

  • Will this cover photo work for my Facebook profile or my page?

    Yes, the design you create in the Visme Facebook cover photo maker can be used for your Facebook Page or profile. Just add it in with the “add cover” tab on Facebook. The download will automatically render as the correct Facebook cover photo size.

  • Can I use icons, illustrations and other graphics assets on my cover photo?

    Yes, there are tons of visuals which you can use freely on your design in the left-hand panel. Or you can upload one from your computer and it will be stored in your personal media library.

  • How can I make sure my cover photo works well on both desktop and mobile?

    Just remember to keep the information away from the edges due to mobile cutting. Logos, text, and information should be kept towards the center while the edges can be mostly decorative.


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