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A Non-Designer’s Guide to Creating Memorable Visual Presentations

Practical and simple design tricks to take your slides from “meh” to “stunning.”

Chapter 1

Visual Slides for a Visual Age

  • - Why all communicators must learn to become “visual communicators”
Chapter 2

A New Way to Think About Presentations

  • - The future of presentations
  • - Why we’re hardwired to process information visually
  • - The three-legged stool model for successful presentations
Chapter 3

What Is Your Message?

  • - Weaving facts and stories together
  • - Brainstorming with visual thinking
  • - How to make an audience journey map
  • - How to create a storyboard
Chapter 4

Slide Design Made Easy

  • - How to create visual slides, not documents
  • - Handling text like a designer
  • - Using images like a pro
  • - How to choose the perfect colors
  • - Using video and cinemagraphs in your slides
  • - How to create effective charts
  • - 70+ types of diagrams
Chapter 5

Putting It All Together

  • - How to create visual hierarchy
  • - Tips to achieving a more coherent design
  • - How to effectively use transitions and animation
Chapter 6

How to Deliver an Unforgettable Presentation

  • - Immerse your audience in a story
  • - Tell a personal story
  • - Create suspense
  • - Bring characters to life
  • - Show. Don’t tell.
  • - Build up to a S.T.A.R. moment
  • - End with a positive takeaway

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